New York Yankees Partner With FanDuel

Baseball Placed on Top of Hundred Dollar Bills
Two of the biggest brands in sports have announced that they will be teaming up. The New York Yankees have named FanDuel as the official sports betting sponsor of the team. As part of the deal, FanDuel will be allowed to advertise at Yankee Stadium.

FanDuel is already the biggest sports betting operator in the Empire State. Last month, the UK-based operator accounted for over 40% of the mobile market. By partnering with the Yankees, the online sportsbook could increase its share of the NY market even more. So far, New Yorkers have taken advantage of online sports betting in record numbers.

The Yankees are not the only team in New York to partner with a sportsbook. Earlier this month it was announced that the Mets would be teaming up with Caesars Entertainment. As part of the deal, Caesars is in the process of building a massive sports betting lounge at Citi Field.

FanDuel and New York Yankees Announce Partnership

The New York Yankees are one of the most profitable sports franchises in the world. In recent years, FanDuel has quickly become one of the most popular online betting options. Now, two of the biggest brands will team up in New York’s budding sports betting market. The financial details of the deal have not yet been released.

As part of the deal, FanDuel will be able to use New York Yankees’ marks. Also, the sportsbook will have access to Yankee Stadium’s premium VIP hospitality accommodations. The stadium will install integrated FanDuel signage in right-field. For TV broadcasts, there will be rotational FanDuel signage behind home plate.

FanDuel will obviously benefit from the extra exposure during Yankee games. However, the benefits extend beyond just the MLB season. Yankee Stadium is home to many other events throughout the year, such as the Pinstripe Bowl in college football.

Sports Betting Is a Home Run in New York

New York lawmakers did not allow for legal online sports betting until January of this year. From the moment it was legalized, online sports betting has been a hit in New York. In just the first six weeks, New York sportsbooks generated a sports betting handle of $2.8 billion.

FanDuel has played a large part in the early growth of the New York mobile sports betting market. In January, FanDuel accounted for 31% of the mobile sports betting market in New York. Last month, that number increased all the way to 41%.

All of the legal sportsbooks in New York benefitted from the initial launch date. New York legislators legalized online sports betting just in time for the NFL playoffs. Last month, they also had the benefit of the March Madness tournament. The NBA playoffs and the start of the MLB season would also help boost sportsbooks income.

New York Mets Also Partnered With a Sportsbook

The Yankees are not the only MLB team in New York to partner with a sportsbook. Earlier this month, the Mets announced they would be partnering with Caesars Entertainment. As part of the deal, Caesars will be building a new sports betting lounge at Citi Field.

Initial plans for the sports betting lounge call for a 13,000-square-foot venue.  The lounge will have a multi-level dining room and an outdoor patio. There will not be any retail options at the lounge. Instead, bettors will need to use the Caesars mobile betting app to place their wagers.

Mets’ team owner Steven Cohen has also been lobbying for a new casino across from the stadium. Whether he will be successful has yet to be seen. However, New York did approve three new casino licenses in its recent fiscal year budget.


The Pinstripes are officially joining the sports betting world. It was announced recently that the New York Yankees have reached a deal with the UK-based FanDuel. As part of the new partnership, FanDuel will have multiple signage options at Yankee Stadium. There have been no reports of the financial terms of the deal.

FanDuel has been a major player already in the Empire State’s sports betting market. Joining forces with the Yankees should only increase their control of the legal mobile betting market. The announcement came only weeks after the Mets agreed to a deal with Caesars Entertainment.