New Star Trek Skill-Based Gambling Game Coming to NJ

Star Trek Gameco

Star Trek GamecoGamblers in Atlantic City will be able to enjoy a new skill-based gambling game soon thanks to a new partnership with GameCo and CBS Consumer Products featuring Star Trek.

In the gambling industry, operators have become accustomed to offering gaming machines that focus on television shows, movies or genres that players enjoy. As the years have gone by, we have seen slot games come and go, with many set to the theme of a popular character, movie or television series. The trend is still a good idea as players recognize popular characters and entertainment shows and movies, but with the gaming industry moving more towards skill-based gaming, machines are having to be created from scratch based on these concepts.

It was just recently announced that Atlantic City will soon be welcoming a new skill-based game themed after the Star Trek franchise as GameCo, a software company of New York, has signed a licensing agreement with CBS Consumer Products to have access to the popular franchise. Players will soon be able to boldly go where no man as gone before as they take part in a skill-based gambling game based on the popular television show and movies.

Fall Debut

GameCo has been working on several skill-gaming titles and looks to be a top provider of such gaming options for casinos across the United States. There is a real need for a skill element as the younger generation or gamblers need something more than the average table game or slot machine. The latest creation by GameCo will feature the popular science fiction franchise and will be titled Star Trek Deep Space Nine Adventure. The game will take players on an adventure as they pilot the U.S.S. Defiant and take on enemies in ship-to-ship combat.

With the gaming platform created by GameCo, players will be able to test their video gaming skills which will determine the payout they earn. The game has the added element of skill but also includes the same economics as seen in slot machines on the casino floor.

The new Star Trek game is sure to be a hit with the franchise fans as well as gamers who are looking for something more. The game will include 3D models of spacecraft of the Star Trek world with more games based on the brand to be introduced in the future. This will include games connected to Enterprise, Voyager, the Original Series and The Next Generation.

Past and Future

GameCo has been very busy with skill-based gaming titles for casinos having already released their first gaming machines in 2016 for Caesars properties in Atlantic City as well as the Tropicana. As far as future gaming concepts are concerned, on top of the Star Trek games, the company also has plans to release a minimum of 10 new titles this year.

The new games will be based on popular movies in pop culture including Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Paranormal, Ferris Bueller and Mission Impossible. These titles are very recognizable and should create a buzz among young gamers who frequent the gaming properties. Players will want to check out new games that feature their favorite movie titles.

The games created by GameCo are just one example of how the gaming industry in the US is trying to focus on the younger generation. The millennial generation would like to be able to participate in gaming options that have more to offer than the traditional slot machines. By taking well-known movies and television shows, and creating new games, the machines should gain attention of the younger generation. It will be interesting to see if in the future, traditional slot games are phased out as this new form of gaming moves in.