New Rules Proposed for NJ Online Casino & Poker Gaming

New Jersey

New JerseyThe state of New Jersey has seen new rules proposed for the online casino and poker industry.

New Jersey is the most successful state in the US when it comes to online gaming. As only one of three operating iGaming in the states, New Jersey has easily taken the lead and become the state to watch when it comes to creating legislation and offering quality casino and poker options online. Just recently, it was announced that gaming regulators of the state have proposed new rules to deal with online gaming. The changes are pretty minor but will affect online casinos and how they operate.

Online Gambling Regulations per the Division of Gaming Enforcement

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released the new regulations in regards to online gaming. Proposed changes include allowing unlimited bet behind wagers in the game of live dealer blackjack. Also included are that casinos have to hire an information security officer. ACH payment regulations are now permanent after being temporary.

Progressive slot jackpot regulations are to become permanent instead of temporary. Online gambling users have to provide a residential address. PO Boxes will no longer be an option. gambling protocols are also clarified by way of operator responsibility and regulations have been created to show how users can suspend their gaming account without choosing to self-exclude.

Requirements for remote gaming systems have also be set up with the new regulations stating that entities will have to ensure the security of their systems.

Live Dealer Blackjack Takes Center Stage

Perhaps the most important of these changes is live dealer blackjack. Right now, only the Golden Nugget and Betfair offer live dealer gaming. They have blackjack, baccarat and roulette. The games are enjoyed online but a real person deals the game in Atlantic City via a studio.

The Golden Nugget has been quite successful with their live dealer gaming. The new rules will only help the casino to further succeed. However, allowing bet behind wagers will make a difference. Sites will be able to take wagers from any player who decides they wish to wager on the outcome of another player’s hand. They are simply watching in the background as someone else plays.

The casinos could earn quite a bit more by offering this new level of wagering. Also any addition of more live dealer games will require the venue to hire more dealers and set up more tables in studio.

The Information Security Officer is another important factor to these new regulation changes. All casinos will have to hire an individual to be responsible for the casino computer systems integrity and security at all times. This will include protecting the systems from data breaches.

The individual must be a separate person from the Information Technology Department within the casino. This person will be in charge of setting the security policies for computers and can be employed by the corporate holding company or the casino licensee of New Jersey. The individual has to report to the board of directors within the audit committee unless they are allowed to report to another area as specified by the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

These new rules and regulations are interesting and will create slight changes for the online gambling industry of the state. We shall see if such integrations as the live dealer gaming changes will be something that other states adopt as they create legislation to be the next to offer online gaming in the US. Several states have already looked to New Jersey as a base in which to start their legalization efforts of online gaming.