New Online Casino Product Launches in New Jersey


Partypoker has launched a new casino product in New Jersey, adding to the list of online casino sites for the state.

Online casino gaming is a popularity activity in New Jersey, with players having access to a wealth of options via operators such as the Golden Nugget, Borgata, 888 and more. The online gaming industry of New Jersey only continues to grow, and players are constantly finding something new to explore. Just recently, it was announced that a new online casino has launched in the state. PartyPoker NJ now has a sister site, thanks to the launch of PartyCasino.

PartyCasino Goes Live

PartyCasinoThis week, GVC rolled out the PartyCasino NJ site, offering players full casino gaming featuring the party brand. While party is associated mainly with poker gaming, the brand offers a nice selection of casino options on an international scale and now has a product in the United States. The new site actually seems to be patterned after the UK site of Party Casino.

New visitors to PartyCasino will find the New Jersey online casino offers a wealth of gaming options. over 40 slot games are on offer including table games like craps, blackjack and roulette. The online casino also includes video poker gaming. And of course, players will also have access to new promotions, helping to build a bankroll after signing up.

The new online casino does not offer live dealer gaming presently, but it would not be surprising to see such games added in the future. Live dealer tends to be a popular choice among online gamers, providing a more realistic gaming experience to be enjoyed from home.

Partnered with Borgata

Party is able to offer their gambling services in New Jersey thanks to a partnership with the Borgata Casino. New Jersey requires online operators to partner with land-based casinos in order to get started in the industry. The two first paired up to offer online poker gaming and now offer even more with the new casino site.

Along with PartyCasino NJ, there are a total of five online brands operating ten online gaming sites via the license of Borgata. These brands include Borgata, Party, Pala, Scores and PlayMGM. With casino gaming, Borgata has been generating around $3.5 million a month and tends to finish second in revenue standings, under the Golden Nugget.

How Will the Online Casino Impact the Market?

Many industry analysts are wondering how yet another new online casino in New Jersey will impact the market. Saturation has been considered a soon-to-be issue, but so far, it hasn’t. It seems no matter how many online casinos are launched in the state, there are enough gamblers to go around. PartyCasino NJ has a solid offering and provides enough gaming to be appealing to members, plus the party name is synonymous with gaming. Players should easily be willing to give the site a try based on its name alone.

Over the next few months, we should be able to see how well party integrates into the market with their online casino. In the state, online casino gaming has far surpassed online poker in popularity, so party is sure to see their new online casino do better than their online poker site. Putting this into perspective, online casino games in the state generated over $20 million for February while online poker earned only $1.8 million. Apparently, gamblers in the state love their casino games far more than poker.

It will be interesting to watch and see if the new PartyCasino NJ will be able to capture a significant share of the online casino market in the state, or if the casino is the first to struggle as the market grows bigger.