New Free Play Live Dealer Platform Launched by Cleebo Games

Cleebo Games

Cleebo GamesCleebo Games has announced a new live dealer gaming option for players in the US to enjoy, with free-to-play options.

Across the United States, gamblers wish to enjoy online gaming. However, only three states currently have authorized legislation in which to allow casino and/or poker gaming to take place online for real money. While other states do not offer such legislation, there are ways that casino operators can offer online gaming. Social gaming sites are becoming in the norm in states or across the US where players can take part legally. While real money game play is not on offer, such sites prepare the operators for real money options if online gaming were to be legalized in their area.

Cleebo Games Launches Live Dealer Platform

The latest to join the social gaming industry is Cleebo Games, who has announced a new live dealer platform has launched in a free-to-play format. Players will be able to enjoy a Las Vegas gaming experience directly from home. Live dealer gaming is quite popular in the online real money gaming industry as players can take part in baccarat, blackjack and roulette gaming that takes place in real time but from home or on the go.

At, players will be able to enjoy the Las Vegas experience by taking part in live dealer games offered by the provider in a social setting. Cleebo Games Chief Executive Officer Guido Ganschow commented on the new site stating that the social casino space is an established market that is both exciting and growing as part of the casual gaming marketplace. Ganschow feels that the industry is falling short when it comes to innovation and Cleebo will be able to make up for this shortage by offering the live dealer content, a unique option for social gamers.

Players who have never been to Las Vegas will be able to enjoy an experience at the table games that they would if they were to travel to Sin City. The dealers used by Cleebo are entertaining and provide a fun gaming atmosphere, despite the fact that players are competing via online play. Basically, players will be enjoying their favorite table games in real time for fun. This option provides gamblers a way to take a break from real life and enjoy some Vegas action.

More Gaming Options

On top of the live dealer games provided by Cleebo, the company also offers a nice suite of digital gaming content. Digital games on offer cover the spectrum of casino content including video poker, multi-player table games and slot machines. Players will be able to enjoy these casino games for fun as well as have social interaction with other players at the site.

According to Cleebo Games Chief Technology Officer, Pawan Sivaraman, players who register at Cleebo Games are provided with Cleebo Chips. A certain amount is provided during registration and more are given during game play, via social interactions, inviting friends to join in on the fun and other ways. Players are provided instant gaming entertainment with incentives to continue enjoying the site.

Interestingly enough, Cleebo Games is also bringing back a form of Vegas via their brand. Playboy and Cleebo have recently partnered up to see the iconic bunny croupiers brought back to life. Players will be able to take part in the premium version of the live dealer casino games which will feature the Playboy bunny dealers. This is a unique way to experience old Las Vegas from the comfort of home.

On top of their online option, Cleebo Casino plans on offering mobile gaming in the coming months via a mobile platform.