New Jersey Online Gaming Sets Records Again

Summary: The revenue numbers for New Jersey online gaming in November are in with the state hitting a new record yet again.

New Jersey continues to be the state to beat when it comes to online casino gaming. Month after the month, the state sets new records as their online casino gaming industry continues to improve and reach new heights. Lawmakers in other states are looking to New Jersey as an example as they begin to create legislation of their own to begin offering online casino and/or poker gaming. The November revenue totals for NJ have been provided by the Gaming Control Board, with a new record set again.

New Single Month Record

New JerseyAccording to the totals, the state’s online gambling revenue total came in just under the $27 million mark with casino and poker gaming combined. This was just over the previous month’s record total. Online casino gaming was able to contribute over $25 million in earnings last month.

In total, the state brought in $26,944,073. This is the highest monthly earnings ever for the state since online gaming launched in 2013. Online casino revenues brought in the bulk of that number, at $25,382,434. This was a new record for online casino gaming, breaking the record set just one month prior in October.

With the November monthly total, the state was able to see online gambling earnings surpass the $20 million mark for 21 months in a row. Revenues were over the $25 million for three months running. When looking at November 2017 totals, the state was up over 30%.

November Results

In the state, the top operator continues to be the Golden Nugget. The casino operator has been able to take a huge lead month after month. For November, the brand earned just over $9.2 million which is actually slightly lower than what was earned in October. While this helped to narrow the gap, the next casino operator in line for online gaming totals is literally millions of dollars behind.

The Borgata continues to hold the number two spot, earning $4.7 million in November. While this is much lower than the Golden Nugget, it is relatively high and shows that other brands are continuing to do well.

Online poker continues to struggle when compared to online casino revenues. For November, online poker was actually down and hit a record low. Bringing in only $1.56 million, the online poker segment was down 2.4% month to month and 13.7% year over year.

Back to the Borgata. The online casino operator was able to see a revenue increase of 13.5% with their $4.8 million in earnings. This is just short of their record setting July figures. Caesars was actually able to do well with online poker, seeing an increase of 8.7% when comparing totals. The Hard Rock Atlantic City is relatively new to the online gambling scene having only been in operation just over five months. The brand hit the seven-figure mark for the first time in October and hit it again in November with $1.3 million in revenues.

New Jersey will continue to be the most watched state when it comes to online gambling as a whole. The state has a quality model that is being examined by states across the nation as more states look to enter the online casino and poker industry. It will be interesting to see how December totals fare and if the state is able to hit even more records as 2018 comes to an end.