New Casino Game Doing Well at Resorts World New York

Resorts World Casino, New York

Resorts World Casino, New YorkResorts World New York announces Big Six wheel game is doing well as players are enjoying the new gaming option.

It seems casino across the United States are launching new gaming content so players have access to new entertainment while enjoying a weekend trip or vacation. Gamblers love trying new games and many times, new additions become the most popular form of gaming that the casino has to offer. Just recently, the Resorts World New York and Empire City Casino in New York venue added the new game Big Six wheel by Interblock. The game has been a huge success and brought notoriety to gaming company along with nice earnings for the gaming venues.

Big Six Game

The new product by Interblock known as Big Six is created as part of the Diamond product line. The game just debuted during the 2016 G2E in Las Vegas and Interblock has reported that the game is currently operating at two times the hour’s average for both gaming properties.

Resorts World Casino New York City COO Scott Molina commented on the new gaming option by stating that the Resorts World Casino is pleased to be partnering with Interblock in the development and driving gaming innovation in the state as well as across the country. The new Big Six wheel has been a success for the industry and players of the venue are delighted to have the new gaming option.

Empire City Casino Director of Gaming Operations Ryan Munroe commented on the new game as well stating that the Empire City venue has a larger gaming floor than most casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. The venue takes pride in providing guests with the latest games and the best technology. The customers of Empire City reportedly enjoy the Big Six game due to the ease of play along with larger prizes and higher paying odds.

How Does the Game Work?

Bix Six wheel works with a generator that is fully automated that helps to eliminate overhead costs that are normally associated with the live dealer version of the game. The wheel is quite large and is the only double sided wheel in the industry that provides a flexible playing experience added to the play stations within one or both sides. The face of the wheel can actually include the brand of the casino on the face to provide promotional opportunities.

The wheel has 54 segments and each segment has a symbol on it. During game play, players will place a wager on a particular symbol to win. The wheel is then spun and if the pointer stops on the selected symbol then the wager is won. The game includes both audio and visual effects that were specifically designed to create anticipation as well as excitement with the player. The game includes several pay tables and the distribution of symbols helps to provide gaming venues to manage the odds of wins.

Getting to Know Interblock

Interblock is a successful gaming company that already has electronic gaming as well as other casino games at Empire City Casino as well as Resorts World New York venues. Empire City has almost 200 electronic table games provided by Interlock with Resorts World New York home to almost 750 seats. As of now, Interblock is the top provider of electronic gaming in the state. Colleen Stanton is the VP of Global Marketing for Interblock who stated that the success of the product is a direct reflection of the company’s hard work and commitment to the support of the portfolio of growing products for operator’s players.