Reno Has Second Possible Coronavirus Case in Nevada

Reno, Nevada SignThe second presumed coronavirus case has been reported out of the Reno area on Thursday. The first case of the coronavirus was reported out of Las Vegas on Thursday.

The Las Vegas man, who’s in his 50s, recently returned from a trip to Washington state, where 14 deaths have been linked to COVID-19 disease. The man had also recently traveled to Texas, where the first travel-associated case was reported.

The case was discovered when the man received lab results after seeking treatment for respiratory distress.

Currently, the Las Vegas diagnosis is pending confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to Dr. Fermin Leguen, acting chief of the Southern Nevada Health District. Although Leguen referred to the diagnosis as being “presumptive,” evidence points to it being at least 95% certain.

In the most recent Nevada case, a Reno man, also in his 50s, was linked to the possible coronavirus outbreak that occurred on the Grand Princess cruise ship.

Since the man has a family member who is a student Huffaker Elementary School Due, the school closed its doors on Friday as a precaution to combat the potential infection.

The diagnoses of the Reno case was announced late Thursday by the Washoe County Health District, the same day health officials announced Nevada’s first case out of Las Vegas.

According to health officials, the Reno-area man is stable and self-loathing at home.

Grand Princess Cruise Ship Outbreak

The luxury cruise ship, Grand Princess, was recently impacted by the coronavirus when a 71-year-old man died from the virus after being on the ship’s last voyage.

The death prompted the cruise ship company to halt the ship’s current voyage this morning, where it was about 55 miles off the California coast, to test 45 of the 3,500 people aboard, guests and crew members alike.

“We’re awaiting word on the California Department of Public Health on the timing of test results [of] the samples sent for testing yesterday,” the captain is heard saying in a video released by USA TODAY.

According to company officials, those aboard the ship’s current voyage may have been affected by the 62 passengers who sailed on Grand Princess’ previous Mexico voyage with the 71-year-old who died from the infection.

Two California passengers from that voyage have also been hospitalized, with one testing positive for the coronavirus. According to California Governor Newsom, the passenger testing positive is said to be in “difficult condition.”

In a statement provided Thursday by Princess Cruises spokesperson, Alivia Owyoung Ender, guests have been asked to stay in their rooms for the remainder of the cruise, although an official quarantine has not been mandated.

“In many respects, our ships are small floating cities. Just as life happens in cities for good and for bad, life also happens onboard our ships,” Princess Cruises’ president Jan Swartz said in a video posted on Twitter Friday morning.

Worldwide Spread of the Coronavirus

Currently, the coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, has touched nearly 97,000 people worldwide. In China, where the virus is said to have originated, there have been 3,300 related deaths.

In Italy, there have been 3,800 coronavirus cases and the deaths near 200 as of Friday.

On Friday, the first case of novel coronavirus has also been found in Colombia. The patient is a 19-year-old woman who recently traveled to Milan, Italy and returned home with symptoms related to the virus.

In the US, Washington state has so far been hit the hardest, with 14 reported deaths.

Be sure to stay up on the latest coronavirus updates as the outbreak continues to touch different parts of the country and the globe.