Nevada Now Offers Online Casino Tournaments Via MGM

Nevada State

Nevada StateThe state of Nevada now offers online casino tournament gaming for real money thanks to MGM Resorts International.

The state of Nevada is only one of three in the US that currently offers strictly online poker gaming for money. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware all provide poker gaming online within their borders. Players who are located in each state, be it a resident or visitor, can easily take part. Nevada is only state that stayed away from casino gaming and decided to focus on the game of poker with their iGaming offerings. However, it seems the state will now provide an online gaming option via casino games thanks to MGM Resorts International.

easyPLAY Platform

MGM Resorts International has announced that they are now offering slot tournament options via their easyPLAY platform. In the past, this platform could only be accessed on a property owned by MGM and the wi-fi service of MGM had to be used as well. Now, the tournaments have been made available throughout the state for individuals who are over the age of 21.

CEO and President of oneLIVE inc., Michael Jabara, commented on the new offering since his company created easyPLAY. Speaking to USPoker, Jabara stated that the success of the on-property offering at MGM Resorts helped the company to create the right technology to be used with easyPLAY to expand the slot tournaments to the entire state.

Online Tournament Action

Players who access easyPLAY will find the product provides slot gaming, bingo and video poker games. The platform allows players to compete against each other in slot tournaments that are scheduled. The tournaments provide prizes for the top finishers. Users of the platform will pay an entry fee to take part and hopefully win a piece of a larger prize.

Currently, easyPLAY is offering four variants of tournaments. Prize pools for the tournaments will start at just $50 and go as high as $1,000. Back in September, the product actually offered a tournament with $10,000 in prize money. To register, players simply sign up and use PayPal, a debit or credit card to fund their account. A third party verification system is used to ensure the age of the competition while geolocation services make sure you are located in Nevada.

According to Jabara, oneLIVE is careful to be sure that their offerings are meeting laws and regulations in jurisdictions including the state of Nevada. Such areas that are considered include deployment, operational analysis, legal analysis, development and more.

Improvements to easyPLAY

The platform of easyPLAY was first launched back in July and has changed since then to be more user-friendly. An invite has even been sent out to MLife members, the loyalty program of MGM Resorts. Players are being enticed via promotions to try and get players to compete in the easyPLAY offerings.

When the platform was launched, it was limited as far as slot tournaments were concerned. Individuals had to be at a property of MGM which includes:

The Bellagio


The Mirage

MGM Grand

Monte Carlo

Mandalay Bay

New York-New York



For now, players will not have to be located on site to compete. The technology has changed and easyPLAY can be accessed from anywhere in the entire state. Players can access the products on computers, Smartphones or tablets. Players should take advantage of the slot gaming options when in Nevada as the prize pools are now larger and give players the opportunity to earn a nice prize during slot competitions.

This will be the first time that online casino tournaments have been accessible in the entire state. It will be interesting to see if other operators become interested in the option and Nevada begins to offer casino gaming online instead of simply poker.