Sandoval To Discuss Gambling with Australian Government

Brian Sandoval

Brian SandovalNevada Governor Brian Sandoval is currently in Australia discussing several topics including gambling, mining and water technology. Will the state and country work together to share liquidity when it comes to online gambling?

Just a few days ago, the Governor of Nevada headed to Australia for a two week trip where several items will be discussed. Governor Brian Sandoval is on a trade mission that will cover several topics including the subject of gambling. Industry leaders will be in attendance as the Governor and legislators discuss mining technology, water technology and gambling among other topics.

Along with Sandoval on the journey are representatives from Cirque du Soleil and the University of Nevada in Reno. Surprisingly enough, Australia is a big trade partner for the state, with almost $150 million in business conducted between the state and country every year. It is not yet known as to how gambling will be discussed but many are wondering if the two might work together in regards to online gambling options.

Could It Be the Pokies?

In Australia, the pokie business is a big one. The pokies is a term that refers to video poker gaming. Pokie machines are very present in Australia with big business being linked between Nevada and Australia in regards to the gaming machines. Bally Technologies, a company based in Nevada, has been in a partnership with Aristocrat, a group of Australia, since 2012 in regards to online gambling services.

Aristocrat already operates thousands of pokies in Australia and made moves in the United States after buying Video Gaming Technologies in 2014. The company is one of the largest to offer gaming machine manufacturing in the North American region.

Governor Sandoval Could Be Considering Player Sharing Deal

Governor Sandoval has been a strong proponent of online poker gaming in the state of Nevada as well as overall online gambling across the United States. Nevada currently only offers online poker and has done so since 2013 but is still open to online casino game play as well. The state is currently working with Delaware to share player liquidity across online poker gaming platforms and has discussed the option with New Jersey as well, though no deal has been made with the state.

It could be that Sandoval is considering an online gambling agreement with Australia to get the ball rolling with online casino game play as the country specializes in such casino games as the pokies. Nevada could partner with Australia to begin offering online casino games as well as with New Jersey who also offers such gaming options. Of course this is just pure speculation on our part but Sandoval has stated in the past that he is open to player sharing deals with other states, so why not Australia too?

Will the Interactive Gambling Act Be a Factor?

In Australia, operators have had to worry about the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 being reviewed, but the government only decided to take stronger measures against offshore betting sites. The review did not lead to the current laws for online casino or poker gaming being relaxed and land based pokies operators are now in an even stronger position.

Because of this, Sandoval has chosen the perfect time in which to discuss gambling with Australia. The Governor will be in the country for a few weeks to discuss trade which as we said will include gambling. It will be interesting to see once the trip is over just what was discussed and if any changes will be coming to Nevada involving the Land Down Under.