Nevada Gaming Control Board Conducts Workshop

Nevada Gaming Control BoardWagering accounts already exist in the state of Nevada in the sports betting and online gaming sector. The Nevada Gaming Control Board met recently to discuss how to allow casino goers the same option for wagering.

Nevada is one state in the US where everyone goes to gamble. The Las Vegas area of the state is a mecca for gambling with visitors from the remaining 49 states in the US as well as international visitors coming to enjoy the exciting casino action. Not only does the state offer land based gaming but players can also access online poker, sports betting and more. Currently, wagering accounts are available with mobile wagering, sports betting and online poker so players can easily place wagers without the need of having cash in hand so to speak. The Nevada Gaming Control Board met recently to discuss wagering accounts and how it could be used in the casino industry.

Discussing Wagering Accounts and How They Can Be Integrated

On Thursday, the Nevada Gaming Control board came together to discuss the option of wagering accounts for casino goers. A wagering account could essentially be connected to a loyalty card to make gaming more convenient for customers. Players would not have to worry about having cash in hand to play games they enjoy.

Members of the board held a workshop on Thursday to discuss amendments that could be made to allow play with pre-established wagering accounts. Most of the details would be added to Regulation 5, an area of legislation that discusses the operation of gaming establishments. Regulations 5A would have to be amended as it involves interactive gaming. Additional amendments would need to be made to 22 for race books and 26C for off-track pari-mutuel horse racing to ensure all areas are covered.

In 2015, regulators were told to create regulations that would encourage manufacturers to create and provide gaming devices, support systems for gaming and equipment that would make it easier for consumers to play by using the new technology. This was done via Senate Bill 9. This bill has been under discussion as of late in regards to skill-based games which Nevada is considering.

Moving Forward with Technology

The technology exists for players to be able to use loyalty cards as a way to have access to funds for gaming. Players always have their cards on hand to be able to earn loyalty points. Why not add the feature so players can gamble with the card as well? Players are already comfortable with such cards and this feature would allow for the negation of cash.

According to A.G. Burnett, the State Gaming Control Board Chairman, regulators as well as the industry itself need time to adjust to the option and make sure each angle is reviewed of the plan. Burnett believes it will be at another workshop that takes place within the next two months that revisions will be considered for the regulations before sending them on to the commission for review.

With the access to wagering accounts, regulators are also looking at the possibility of using cards to pay for other transactions like room charges or meals. Customers would have an all-around ‘key to the city’ so to speak if they could gamble, pay for hotel charges and dining from one place.

Support in regards to the option was given by several groups in the gaming industry including the National Council on Problem Gambling, US Fantasy Sports, Sports Book Combine and the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers. These groups also provided recommendations on what they thought should be included in regulations. There has been no opposition yet to the proposals.