NetEnt Launches Brand New Ape Themed Jungle Slot Game

Welcome to the planet of the …slots? That’s right! NetEnt has just dropped a brand new gorilla themed slot game as of today for us to enjoy.

If you have ever wanted to experience the thrill of traveling through the jungle, with a gorilla chasing after you, now you can! Minus the gorilla chasing you, though.

We’re going to dive into a few details about NetEnt and what this new real money slot game entails.

Let’s check it out!

Gorilla Kingdom – Newest Online Slot Game

Gorilla Kingdom Slot Game on Computer and Mobile Devices

Gorilla Kingdom sends you to a jungle world filled with apes and wonderful features. You will have over 1,000 different ways to bet with gameplay that offers free spins and much more!

This is a 5-reel slot with four panels, and also has a surprise twist. There are totem poles on each side of the reels. These totem poles will fill up every time you get a free spin by collecting gorilla masks.

Some of the animals that you will see on the reels are:

  • Leopards
  • Hornbills
  • Okapis
  • Pangolins

When an animal line is completely filled with gorilla masks, that animal turns itself into a gorilla, and that can give you a massive payout and the chance at free spins! If you can fill all 24 slots of the totem poles, every animal on the screen turns into gorillas, which gives players even more opportunities to win big!

Who is NetEnt?

NetEnt is an online slot and casino game provider based out of Sweden. They have many different games they offer, including a massive slot game library.

NetEnt is best known for its slots, so naturally, they put out new games regularly. I’ve put out a few news posts recently about new slot games, and all of them have included at least one NetEnt title.

They also as of last year acquired Red Tiger gaming, so any games you see that are provided by Red Tiger are now owned by NetEnt as well.

Wrap Up

Be on the lookout for new slot games courtesy of NetEnt. I will do my best to bring you all the up to date news that you need when new slot games drop. Whether they are from NetEnt or any of the other great slot providers out there, I will try and keep you covered!