Nebraska’s Bellevue Track Plans Face Setbacks With Proposed Law

Nebraska State Seal With Gavel And Casino Background

Lawmakers in Nebraska continue working to launch the state’s gambling industry. It seems that certain officials in the state feel that it’s time to implement new measures to limit the growth of this industry, though. A newly-proposed law now threatens Nebraska’s Bellevue Track plans.

Many residents were excited to hear about these plans. Now is a great time to talk about how a new law could ruin any efforts to open this racing track.

Here’s what you need to know.

Proposed Law Threatens Nebraska’s Bellevue Track Plans

Nebraska is not thought of as any kind of gambling destination. There are several Native American-run gambling properties spread throughout the state. Tribal groups continue working to expand the state’s gambling industry and plan to open new casinos and race tracks are constantly being presented to members of the gaming commission.

Not long ago, one tribal group presented plans to open a new 5,000-seat race track in Bellevue. This property, called Belle Vue Downs, quickly gained support from various politicians around the state. Some have recently pushed against Nebraska’s Bellevue Track plans, however, arguing there are not enough regulations that limit the number of gambling venues that can open in the state.

State Senator Tom Briese supports this new measure. If approved, Nebraska will limit only one casino per 50-mile radius. That would essentially kill the Bellevue plans, as one gaming venue already exists in this area.

“As of right now, there could be a casino on every I-80 interchange, or in every county seat. That’s a slight exaggeration but there could be many, many casinos across the state,” said Briese.

Many are already pushing lawmakers to reject this new measure. That includes those involved with the plans to open a new race track in Bellevue. Stay tuned for updates on the possible opening of this venue over the next few months.

The Launch of Sportsbooks in Nebraska is Almost Here

Nebraska is well-known for having a large and successful sports hub. No major professional teams are based in this state. Many residents still love to watch and bet on their favorite sports from time to time.

Shortly after the removal of PASPA in 2018, officials here began looking into the legalization of sports betting. Anti-gambling groups in the state pushed against these plans, arguing it would lead to various societal problems. As time went on, the push to legalize sports betting became more intense.

Finally, in mid-2021, Governor Rickets approved a measure to allow sportsbooks in the state. The laws approved here only allow for land-based sportsbooks to open inside licensed casinos. Unfortunately, none of these sportsbooks have actually launched.

Many residents are hopeful that this happens in the next few months. Several tribal groups have already received approval to open sportsbooks. The Nebraska Gaming Commission simply needs to formally approve the final set of rules to monitor this new industry.

Several politicians are hopeful that Nebraska’s sportsbooks launch before the 2022 Super Bowl. We’ll be sure to provide more information as soon as more details on the launch of sports gambling here are revealed.

More States Look to Legalize Sports Betting

The US sports betting industry has been growing at a rapid pace. More than half the country now has legal sportsbooks up and running. Throughout 2021, US sports betting revenue hit new all-time highs.

Several states seem very likely to legalize sports gambling in 2022. That includes several in the Midwest. Officials within these states recognize how much money can be earned from this industry, much of which can help to fund education and infrastructure projects.

Kansas seems likely to approve a piece of sports betting legislation this year. Like Nebraska, this state is home to a huge number of passionate sports fans. Several sports betting bills have been approved here in recent years and most expect one to get approved within the next few months.

Many are hoping to see California and Massachusetts legalize sports betting this year. Both are home to some of the largest sports markets in the United States. Many analysts expect these states to generate massive revenue earnings as soon as sportsbooks go live.

Do you expect Nebraska’s Bellevue Track plans to get approved? Will this property open its doors anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below.