Muckleshoot Casino Launches New Online Gaming App

Muckleshoot CasinoMuckleshoot Casino creates a new online gaming app, a first in the industry, as it requires wins to be paid out at the venue.

Across the United States, gamblers have access to online gaming. In some states like Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, online casino and poker gaming are on offer for real money game play. In other states, casinos have social gaming apps that offer casino style gaming but for reward points instead of real cash. In Washington state, a casino has just recently launched a real money online gaming app with a twist; players must obtain their winnings on-site rather than cash out online.

Something New

Muckleshoot Casino is located in Auburn and recently launched a new online gambling application that players can use on their smartphones. Games must be purchased on site and any winnings must be redeemed on site as well. The casino worked with Playport Gaming Systems to create the new app, which is set to debut in the fall. The application will focus on games like Bingo where players are not competing against the house.

So far, the casino is the first to offer a real money online gambling app with the stipulations of on site activities. Players will have to purchase any games they wish to play on site and then cash out at the casino as well. This could prove to be a point of failure for the casino, but it might actually work. The outcome will be dependent on who actually uses the app. Will the casino only see their regular patrons take part or will they be able to bring in new gamers to give their venue a try via the casino app?

Playport already offers their application services in Mexico via retail locations. The partnership with the Muckleshoot Casino will allow the company to bring the product to tribal casinos in the US. Casinos can choose to custom design their app and games will be easily integrated within a venue’s POS system or loyalty system.

Launching Amidst Lawsuits

The new application will launch at a time when many gaming companies are facing lawsuits in state courts of Washington. Casinos are being sued for casino-style games they offer. The companies facing litigation do not provide real money wagering, yet the lawsuits argue that they are in violation of gambling laws of the state.

Muckleshoot has nothing to worry about though. The application they have created will focus on bingo style games and will be classified as a Class II offering. This means the casino is subject to oversight by federal and tribal laws rather than the laws of the state. The casino is located around 30 miles from Seattle and has worked for years to be considered an advanced casino when it comes to technology used on-site. The casino is home to a wireless virtual reality lounge and offers innovative video slots within their game floor.

The casino is not the first to launch an online gambling app and certainly won’t be the last. As technology advances and casinos look to cater to the newer audiences, even more changes should be expected. For gaming venues to provide the new generation of gamblers what they want, more detail will need to be provided to tech used, with new and innovative ways to gamble provided.

Las Vegas is a prime example of this movement as casinos are leaning more towards offering new entertainment, from eSports to more skilled based gaming. Younger gamblers, those in their 20s and 30s, want to experience more with their gambling, instead of what traditional slots, blackjack and other table games offer.