The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas Sounds Incredible

A lot is happening in Las Vegas right now. Hotels and being renovated and certain casinos are rumored to go for sale. This week, we got a look at the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas and based on what’s being shown, tourists and locals here are in for a real treat.

Artist Rendition Of MSG Sphere

This massive entertainment venue is being constructed by the Madison Square Garden Company. Hope is that this new venue becomes the hottest destination for concerts, comedy shows, and more. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

MSG Sphere in Las Vegas Set to Become the City’s Top Entertainment Venue

Officials at Madison Square Garden Co have been tight-lipped about what to expect from this new venue. Construction officially began in 2018 and has continued for the past year. No one really knew what this establishment had to offer.

This week, it became immediately clear. Madison Square Garden Company is working to build the ultimate entertainment venue for Las Vegas. Company representatives gave the first glimpse into what this amazing establishment is set to provide.

The 17,500 seat venue will stand nearly 370 feet tall and 516 feet wide. It’s scheduled to open in 2021. An exact opening month has not been revealed. The price of construction is also being withheld from the public.

Officials at MSG company claim it will set a new standard for entertainment venues. Guests to this venue will be surrounded by the largest LED screens currently available. There’s also an advanced acoustic system being set in place to give a truly unique audio experience.

Nick Tomasino, project manager for the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, wants everyone to know that the venue can hold more than just concerts.

“Our venue allows for a wide variety of attractions,” he told the media this week. “We’re looking to be able to host concerts, residencies, corporate events and much, much more. It’s very flexible.”

Where is This New Venue Located in Las Vegas?

The new MSG Sphere is being constructed in Paradise, Nevada adjacent to the Venetian Hotel and Casino located just off the Las Vegas Strip. The land is being provided by Las Vegas Sands, one of the most powerful gambling companies in Las Vegas.

As of now, 400 workers are currently constructing this venue. According to Tomasino, more than 1,200 will be employed to work on the project once it reaches peak development. Several more construction cranes will be needed, as well.

More than 110,000 cubic yards of dirt have already been excavated here. Underneath the MSG Sphere is a 55,000 square foot basement. This area will serve as a public space for events and will include dressing rooms and other amenities for entertainers and guests.

Everyone was excited to see what the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas had in store. Now, we’re getting a first-hand look at exactly will be available here. It comes at a good time, as Las Vegas needs an increase in tourism.

It’s well-known that the city’s gambling revenue has dipped in 2019. Some feel this is due to the large number of online casinos in Nevada now available. There’s also an increase in gambling competition from East Coast states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Hope is that the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas can help to bring in tourists to the city’s hotels and casinos.

This new entertainment venue is still years away from opening to the public. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on its construction over the next several months!