Mr Vegas Casino Website Will Launch in the US Next Year

State Seal Of Pennsylvania With Gambling Background

The Pennsylvania online casino market will add a new player soon. Videoslots Group announced they have partnered with Caesars Entertainment. As part of the deal, Videoslots will launch its popular Mr Vegas Casino in the Keystone State. Mr Vegas Casino is a popular brand for online gaming in Europe.

Videoslots did not provide a launch date. However, it is expected that the Mr Vegas Casino website will be up and running next year. This will be the first time a Videoslots product is available to players in the US. According to Videoslots executives, PA is just the first of many states they plan to open in.

Currently, there are only a half dozen states that permit online gaming operators. Videoslots could use its experience from expanding across Europe to help launch in new US states. Also, the partnership with Caesars could also make expansion to other states easier. Caesars is an easily recognizable brand that should help attract new customers.

Videoslots Group Partners with Caesars Entertainment

In a press release yesterday, Videoslots Group announced its new partnership with Caesars Entertainment. Videoslots will use its popular online casino Mr Vegas Casino in the Keystone State. The partnership allows Videoslots to use Caesars license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

As one of the few states that allow online casino operators, PA was an easy choice for Videoslots. Pennsylvania has been quick to accept new types of real money gambling when they become available. It is the perfect place for Videoslots to launch its innovative product. The company has already had successful launches in the UK, Denmark, and Sweden in recent years.

Videoslots started in 2011 and is headquartered in Malta. The European company offers over 7,000 real money online casino games from nearly 200 different providers. The announcement of the partnership did not include a launch date. However, the new online casino website should be operational by next year.

What is Mr Vegas Casino?

Mr Vegas Casino is an online casino brand owned by Videoslots Group. The iGaming website is popular in many European countries. It will be the brand that Videoslots uses for its US launch in the coming months. Videoslots will use Caesar Entertainment’s license to operate its site in Pennsylvania.

Players in the Keystone State will be able to access a wide variety of online casino games at Mr Vegas Casino. The online casino offers a wide selection of games including slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, and live dealer table games.

In addition to its selection of real money online casino games, Mr Vegas Casino also has several player bonuses. For instance, the online casino currently offers a deposit match and a free spin bonus for new players. No announcement has been made yet regarding what bonuses will be available to US players.

Will Videoslots, Mr Vegas Casino Launch in Other States?

Pennsylvania will be the first state that Videoslots launches in. However, it is not likely to be the last. A spokesperson from the company stated that the online casino provider wants to expand to more states.

Videoslots has used the Mr Vegas Casino brand to expand across Europe. The company will likely try to do the same thing here in the US. Caesars currently has a license to operate in New Jersey, one of the few other states to allow online casinos. Videoslots could use its new partnership to move into the Garden State as well.

The announcement of Videoslots and Caesars’ new deal did not say it would be an exclusive partnership. As a result, it is fair to assume that Videoslots could partner with other licensed providers in the US. Doing so would allow the company to expand to new states where Caesars is not yet licensed for online gambling.


One of the most popular European online casinos is coming to the US. Caesars Entertainment has partnered with Videoslots Group to bring Mr Vegas Casino to PA. The Keystone State will be the first venture into the US market for Videoslots. However, the company has its eyes set on many more states.

Mr Vegas Casino is one of the most popular online casino sites in Europe. The iGaming offers a wide variety of online games, including blackjack, roulette, and slots with progressive jackpots. If the PA launch is successful, Videoslots will likely try to launch in other states as quickly as they can.