Mount Airy Given More Time for Mini Casino Application

Mount Airy

Mount AiryAfter winning a bid to create a satellite casino in Pennsylvania, Mount Airy #1 LLC has been granted an extension for their application submission.

Last year, the state of Pennsylvania approved several changes to their gambling industry based on the passage of a gaming package. Within the package, several additions were made to the overall industry including the creation of satellite casinos, or mini casinos. The licensing process took place during the first half of this year, with the Gaming Control Board hosting auctions where current land-based license holders could bid on a satellite casino license. Mount Airy #1 LLC, the owner of the Mount Airy Casino, was one of the first to receive a license and they have since been approved to submit their application at a later date.

Approval Given

On Wednesday, the Gaming Control Board held their monthly meeting where board members choose to approve a request by Mount Airy to see their application for a Category 4 casino be postponed until October 12th. The board acted on their decision without discussion and there were no representatives from Mount Airy in attendance.

Mount Airy won a bid for a Category 4 license on February 8th, during an auction where they paid $21.2 million for the license. Bidding starts at $7.5 million so the company paid a pretty penny to have the ability to create one of the mini casinos in the state.

With their bid, Mount Airy stated they would be creating the venue east of New Castle. Within the initial terms of the auction, Mount Airy had six months to provide plans for their new casino which would include the location. The due date for this information was August 12th. However, the operator requested more time and was given one more month to provide the requested details.

Where Will the Venue Be Located?

Mount Airy is reportedly looking at several locations within a 15-mile radius of the initial point they selected. Locations include New Castle, Beaver County, Butler County and the Grove City Outlets. In June, a rumor began circulating that the Lancaster Township was one of the areas being considered. supervisors of the township met this past week and had no new information to provide residents of the region who were asking if a gaming venue would be added to their town.

New Castle wants to be the location of the mini casino, with the mayor of the town sending a letter to the Mount Airy Casino asking to continue to be considered. Mayor Anthony Mastrangelo pointed out in his letter that the area is the second largest city in the region, with more than 24,000 residents and how the spot is located near Ohio as well.

It will be interesting to see which region is chosen by Mount Airy and when they begin construction and the initial launch of the mini casino is planned for.

Pennsylvania gaming operators have been quite busy as of late trying to stay on top of all the changes coming to the state. Sports betting, online casino and poker gaming, mini casinos and the lottery are just a few of the changes that have taken place in the state over the past few months.

The online lottery has already been quite successful, and sports betting should help the state to earn even more funds. Once online gambling is fully operational, Pennsylvania may overtake New Jersey and become the top state when it comes to overall gambling earnings, be it online or land based!