Mohawk Territory Working with NJ to Stop Unlicensed Gaming

Continent 8

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is now working with the Mohawk Territory to stop unlicensed gambling sites from operating in the US.

Across the United States, gambling is restricted in some form or fashion. While some states offer land based casinos for gambling, others have absolutely nothing. Three states in the US currently offer licensed and regulated online gaming options including casino and poker game play. According to overall regulations in the US, unlicensed sites are not to operate, though there are still sites that do so. It was announced yesterday that the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement are now working together to prohibit such sites from operating in the US.

New Agreement with Continent 8, LLC

Continent 8Yesterday, it was announced by the Division of Gaming Enforcement in the state of New Jersey that they are now working with Continent 8, LLC, which is a data center located in Canada, in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake region. The agreement will see online gambling sites that operate via the data center will not be able to take wagers from customers in New Jersey as well as across the United States.

The nature of the agreement has been explained by the DGE in a recent press release. The DGE was made aware of the Continent 8, LLC that the group may have provided services to illegal online gaming sites via their data center. Discussions took place involving the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that included jurisdictional issues.

The Division was able to ensure that sites from Kahnawake will not be able to access US residents in jurisdictions where the companies do not have authorization to offer services. Any sites currently operating in this manner will have to stop by the 30th of September.

Because of this decision and new agreement, sites like Bovada and Ignition will no longer be able to provide services in the US. After the 30th, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission plans on taking regulatory action against anyone who applies for licensing or are currently operating that accept wagers against the new regulations.

Not Just New Jersey

An interesting side note in this matter is that the DGE of New Jersey was able to get Continent 8 LLC not only to block access for New Jersey but also the entire US. The press release mentions Bovada but this company was out of the market in NJ back in 2014, but was still present in other states.

Also to consider is if Bovada knew that this was going to take place. Just recently, the company announced they were selling their poker room to Ignition Casino. Bovada Poker will no longer exist as of October 1st. This is the very same day that the new agreement will be set in motion. Many are still wondering how Bovada and Ignition may be connected. Both groups use software provided by Bovada and have sites that look very similar. Even sharing player pools.

For now, players who have had access to such sites can continue on but in just two days’ time, the option to take part in such gaming will come to an end. This is certainly an interesting development in the online gambling saga that is the United States. It seems regulations are finally being put in place to create structure within the US and see only operators who are truly licensed able to offer services. It will be interesting to see how things move forward once the agreement is in action. Will sites remain out of the US? The best bet is to stay away as punishments will be put in place against those who do not follow the new regulations.