Mobile Sports Betting Coming to South Dakota

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Legal sports betting in South Dakota could be expanding to mobile devices soon. According to the South Dakota Commission on Gaming (SDCG), casinos in Deadwood, SD are moving closer to mobile sports betting. Under the current gaming laws, bettors would still need to be in the casino to place their bets.

The SDCG is in charge of overseeing gaming operations in South Dakota. In the Mount Rushmore State, gambling is limited to casinos in Deadwood, SD. Players can also wager on live horse racing and simulcast racing.

Before the SDCG can allow mobile betting, certain safeguards need to be put in place. For instance, the SDCG needs to ensure that gaming activities stay confined to the casinos. To do this, the SDCG has said they will need to install and test certain safeguards.

What Will Mobile Sports Betting in South Dakota Look Like?

Sports bettors in SD have been limited to placing their bets at sports betting kiosks. The only commercial casinos in the state are located in Deadwood. As a result, bettors have had to travel to Deadwood to place their wagers. Allowing mobile betting would not solve this problem entirely, but it would make it easier.

Allowing mobile betting would help cut down on wait times at the betting kiosks. It would also potentially allow for the increasingly popular option of in-play betting. However, like other states that restrict gaming areas, bettors would still need to be within the confines of the casino.

As with other states, that means that the betting apps will need to access the user’s location to work. This is not uncommon as other states, such as Washington state, have similar restrictions. If and when mobile sports betting starts, it should allow more bettors to place wagers at the casino.

Legal Mobile Sports Betting Will Take Time

There is a lot of momentum behind the mobile sports betting movement. However, bringing mobile sports betting to South Dakota will be a lengthy process. To comply with South Dakota’s strict gaming laws, commercial casinos will need to show they can prevent illegal wagers.

One of the biggest ways mobile sportsbooks ensure that wagers are placed legally is by tracking the bettor’s location. To do this, casinos would need to use advanced betting apps. Also, they would need to install geofencing systems. Bettors would need to have their location tracking settings turned on for the apps to work.

According to the SDCG, there are plans to install geofencing systems at selected casinos in Deadwood, SD. Once the systems are in place, the SDCG will allow a 30-day test period for mobile betting apps. After the testing period, the gaming commission and casino employees will meet to review the results and discuss concerns.

Current South Dakota Gaming Laws

Sports betting is relatively new in South Dakota as it was only legalized last year. Currently, sportsbook operations are limited to the confines of the state’s casinos. There has been a push to allow sports betting outside of casinos, but so far, those efforts have come up short. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has opposed allowing gaming outside of the state’s casinos.

Despite allowing some sports betting, the gaming laws in South Dakota are very strict. For instance, commercial casinos are limited to the city of Deadwood. Also, bettors cannot place wagers on in-state college teams. With opposition from the governor’s office, it seems that any progress in expanding betting options will be hard-won.

One surprising sports betting point is that South Dakota will allow wagering on the USFL games. The football league will begin its inaugural season next month. So far, only 15 states have said they will allow betting on the new football league.


Casinos in Deadwood, SD are moving toward allowing mobile sports betting. The South Dakota Commission on Gaming (SDCG) is creating a plan for testing legal mobile in the state. Bettors must place their wagers from inside a casino, so bettors will need to use designated betting apps. Casinos will also need to have the proper geofencing and other security measures in place.

The change to allow mobile will take time. Before the SDCG gives the green light for all casinos, they want to test the system. Select casinos will have geofencing installed and then conduct a 30-day testing period. After the trial run, the SDCG and casino executives will address any issues from the test.

South Dakota has strict gambling laws, and the Governor opposes gambling outside of casinos. As a result, any change to the current betting options will be a slow process. However, allowing mobile betting should help expand the sports betting opportunities in South Dakota. Currently, sports betting is confined to self-service kiosks in Deadwood casinos.