Mobile Gambling: The Choice of Millennials

Mobile Gaming

Mobile GamingCasino operators are having to adjust their gaming offerings to cater to millennials who wish to enjoy gaming via mobile devices.

Gone are the days when technology is not a given. Today’s society is technology driven from the vehicles we use to banking and our employment positions. Technology is constantly evolving and changing, adapting to what individuals desire. In the gambling world, the younger generation known as millennials wish to enjoy such entertainment via mobile devices or unique technology. In decades past, individuals were happy with slot machines and table games. This is no longer the case. The younger generation needs to use some type of unique technology to feel stimulated. After using Xbox, PlayStation, computers and other gaming systems, the millennial crowd need something more and casinos must cater to their needs.

Going Mobile

Because operators have noticed the need for mobile options within the millennial crowd, casinos are opting for mobile style gaming or entertainment. Many venues in Las Vegas have shifted to offering free play casinos online so the younger crowd will begin to take part in slot and table gaming. Guests can use the resort Wi-Fi to connect online and enjoy online casino gaming free of charge or purchase coins to wager with.

Online poker is heavily prevalent in the state as operators such as WSOP and 888 offer online poker gaming services. Individuals can use their mobile device to access the real money gaming options and wager during cash games, tournaments and more. Promotions are also offered to keep players enticed and coming back for more.

Installing New Gaming Options

Operators in Nevada as well as across the United States are also looking at new gaming options for the casino floor. Millennials are not drawn to the beeping of slot machines or the roll of the die at the craps table. This crowd wants to enjoy something they are familiar with which involves video gaming and technology. Operators are having to find ways to offer gaming options that appeal to what millennials already know.

Caesars Entertainment is one such operator who has already installed new gaming systems in a few of their properties to try and grab the attention of the younger audience. The games were developed by Gamblit Gaming and are similar to games played on Facebook or mobile devices. The games offer a wagering capability that make them a gambling game but are far from the traditional offerings of slot machines.

Such games will offer a prize but one that is much lower than the traditional casino games. The hope is that the younger crowd will try the new games and enjoy them, hopefully giving the traditional casino games a try as well.

The Future

Many states in the US are currently considering offering online gambling options, including Pennsylvania and California. With gambling already offered online in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, players can access sites via a mobile device, the top method for such entertainment. If other states pass legislation, then we shall see an even bigger boom of online casino gambling with mobile devices. Players can connect from anywhere to an online casino as long as the option is legalized and regulated and an internet connection is present.

For now, it is interesting to watch as mobile gambling takes center stage in many aspects in the United States. Mobile technology is constantly changing and consumers only want to upgrade to the latest devices. Any online casino operator offering services in the US must have an application available if they want to be successful, especially with the younger crowd as they are more apt to play via mobile than laptop or computer device.