Missouri Casino Faces Heavy Fine for Cheating Incidents

Summary: The Mark Twain Casino of Missouri is facing a large fine due to several incidents of cheating.

Casino operators across the United States have sets of rules they must follow in order to provide quality gaming to patrons. In every state that offers casino gaming, there are groups in charge such as gaming boards or commissions. These groups must maintain oversight of the industry and report on any issues, setting fines or punishments for venues that do not follow rules and regulations as they should. It is not uncommon for a casino to face a fine or action from a board based on issues that are discovered. This week, it was announced that a casino in Missouri is now facing a $50,000 fine due to issues with cheating.

Fine Determined By Gaming Commission

Missouri CasinosThe Mark Twain Casino of Missouri has been issued a $50,000 fine by the state’s Gaming Commission due to several incidents of cheating that took place in December 2016 until August 2017. During their monthly meeting last week, the Commission decided to approve a preliminary order for disciplinary action recommending that the casino pay the fine due to failing to take action against the cheating individuals and not reporting the incidents after the gaming laws were violated.

The casino now has 30 days to decide to appeal the ruling or the action will be final and the penalty will need to be paid. During the meeting documentation was presented that detailed incidents of cheating at the venue involving table games. Reportedly, employees of the venue and patrons were working together to take money from the casino during game play.

The casino’s department over table games reportedly knew that cheating was taking place but did nothing to stop it. The incidents came to the attention of the Commission in August of last year by the surveillance manager of the casino along with the casino operations director. With an investigation, it was found that the violations involved employees aiding in cheating as well as lack of supervision. The venue was found to have failed in reporting such violations to the Commission.

Once the Commission found out about the incidents of cheating, three individuals were fired from the venue and arrested on charges related to cheating. The supervisor of table games and the pit manager pled guilty to cheating. A table games dealer still has charges pending.

Coming Before the Commission

The issue did not come before the commission until now, pretty much a year later, due to the criminal investigation that was taking place involving the incidents. According to the Commission, they questioned 20 to 25 people who were witnesses connected to the incidents. The information was sent to the prosecutor in the case and then they were able to come forward with disciplinary action against the administrative side of the matter.

In the document provided during the meeting last week, examples were given as to how the cheating took place. In some instances, the dealer would change the outcome of a game of craps by not cleaning the losing bets. The dealer would also say from time to time that the craps dice went bad, which means the player rolled a seven. He would then give the dice back to the player without collecting the losing bet.

The roll was also manipulated from time to time by the dealer to see the outcome be anything but a seven. In other instances, players were allowed to add a wager after the outcome of the roll was known.