MGM Springfield to Hire 3,000 Employees

MGM Springfield

MGM SpringfieldWith an opening date set for August, the MGM Springfield Casino is getting busy with the hiring process.

MGM Resorts has been quite busy in Massachusetts, preparing for the opening of their mega resort casino, MGM Springfield. The operator has promised to hire as many as 3,000 individuals, with 35% of that workforce to be from the area of Springfield. The company is trying their best to hire locals and provide quality employment opportunities within the venue.

August Opening

The MGM Springfield will be open for business by August 24th, so MGM Resorts must get busy with the hiring process. The casino resort will actually be opening a month ahead of schedule and be the first full-scale commercial gaming venue to operate in the state. It was back in 2013 that lawmakers of Massachusetts decided to legalize commercial gaming with three licenses up for grabs.

The Springfield complex will offer 3,000 jobs within the facility with 35% of that number to consist of residents from Springfield.  As much as two-thirds of that total number must be occupied by people from a specific region, as part of the development agreement with the state. Of the 3,000, just over 2,000 will be employed on a full-time basis with salaries ranging from $40,000 to $55,000 with benefits included.

The casino of the property will include 2,500 slots along with 23 poker tables and 94 table games. Players will be able to stay overnight via the property hotel with food and beverage facilities also located on-site. Additional entertainment is provided via a movie theater with 8 screens and a bowling alley.

During a recent conference, officials of MGM encouraged residents to apply for employment within the venue. The company is looking for employees who are friendly and ready to work.

Progress Before Opening

As the facility gets closer to the opening date, work continues. Construction workers just recently installed the first signs of the property, helping visitors to identify the space. The Hotel sign saws the first to be put in place, with the facility providing six stories of guest rooms. The hotel is located on Main Street in the downtown area of Springfield.

Additional signage will be added to the Casino, with the wording MGM Springfield in front. More signs will be added in the coming weeks to show guests were to go when visiting the venue.

Originally, the casino was set to open last year, but renovations involving Interstate 91 caused delays. The Interstate work caused access to the casino to be blocked which caused the project to be pushed back. The launch date was then changed to September of this year, but with the progress being made, the casino will now open on the 24th of August.

Access to Employment

Individuals who live in the area in or around Springfield can easily visit the Career Center set up by MGM Resorts. The employment area is located 1259 East Columbus Avenue on the 3rd floor. Everything needed to apply can be found at the Career Center, which is open at varying hours Monday to Friday. Applicants can also look at information online via the MGM Springfield site. Listings for job openings are offered along with more information about the hiring center.

With only a few more months remaining, MGM is in the home stretch for their new gaming venue. It will be interesting to continue to watch as the property comes together and how players respond once the venue is open. MGM Springfield should certainly help to boost the overall earnings in Massachusetts once it is fully operational.