MGM Springfield Requests Longer Alcohol Serving Times

MGM SpringfieldThe MGM Springfield has placed a request for longer alcohol serving times for the casino gaming floor.

Alcohol and casino gaming go hand in hand. Most every casino offers alcohol to its patrons, with service provided on the casino floor at the table games and slot machines. Gamers can easily request a drink while playing a game or visit one of many bars located inside the casino. The gaming venues make a great deal of money from alcohol sales as well as the drinks helping patrons to stay on-site for a longer period of time. Officials of the MGM Springfield casino want to see their alcohol sales time frames extended. The brand would like to offer alcohol sales until 4am, hoping the Massachusetts Gaming Commission will grant their request.

Application for Sales Extension

A recent Gaming Commission meeting in Boston saw the officials of MGM giving a description of their application for a sales extension. The company wants their alcoholic beverage license to be extended from 2am until 4am, giving their active gamblers the option to continue to enjoy drinks for a longer period of time.

According to Anthony Caratozzolo, the Vice President of Food and Beverage at MGM Springfield, stated that the sale of alcohol would only be provided to those who are actively gaming, and the extended hours would not include an open bar. The process would be very controlled.

Before making their decision on the new alcohol sales time, the Gaming Commission has opened the idea up for public comment. The public can send a letter or an email to provide their input on the idea. To be able to change the hours of service, the company will have to have a liquor license for the casino plus 22 different licensed areas of the property, which includes bars, restaurants, shops and more.

Decision this June

The application is currently under review and the Gaming Commission should be providing a decision by June 21st, during the next scheduled meeting. Emails can be sent to the Commission and need to have a subject line that reads: “MGM Springfield Liquor License Application”. It is unclear what the public will have to say on the subject and just how many emails or letters the Commission will receive on the matter.

Comments must be received by June 4th, which will give the Commission plenty of time to review what the public says on the idea of expanded sales. It should be expected that there will be those who are opposed due to the possibility that players might drink too much and leave the property driving a vehicle. However, the drink sales should be monitored, and one could assume that most people who will be playing and drinking until 4am most likely will be staying onsite.

MGM Springfield also has plans to train their staff members to follow certain requirements if the hours of alcohol sales are extended. The staff member will have to be sure that the player is actively gambling and not walking around the property with a drink in their hand. If a server has an issue with a customer based on service or nonservice, the employee will be instructed to call for help from a supervisor or a member of casino security.

The casino has said that the player will need to be wagering continually to have access to drinks after 2am and individuals will not be able to hand a drink to another person. The gambler has to be the person taking and enjoying the drink.

It will be interesting to see what the public has to say on the matter as well as what the Commission decides.