The Strip’s New MGM Sphere Begins to Take Shape

Interior of a SphereLast month, a massive 580-foot crane was shipped into town all the way from Belgium to help build out the brand-new MGM Sphere, and it’s shaping up quite nicely.

Now, the sphere-shaped entertainment venue, which is the first of its kind on the Las Vegas Strip, is halfway complete. The MGM Sphere just finished forming the “equator,” reaching its widest point at 516 feet wide.

To hit this halfway point, it took the effort of 900 construction workers and 12 million pounds of rebar.

According to Adam Vickers, Senior Vice President of Construction, this project is going to permanently change the Strip’s landscape for the better.

“I’ve worked on many projects in the world, and I’ve never worked on anything like this…It’s going to blow people away.” Vickers said.

MGM Sphere Will Use Cutting-Edge Technology

The futuristic-looking facility will feature cutting-edge technology that will set it apart from any entertainment venue currently on the Las Vegas Strip.

Madison Square Garden Company CEO Jim Dolan, the company in a joint venture with Las Vegas Sands Corporation on the massive project, says the venue will engage all human senses, not just hearing and sight.

“MSG Sphere at The Venetian will be unlike any venue ever created, including its vision for reinventing entertainment – and how its constructed,” said Nick Tomasino, vice president of construction for Madison Square Garden.

The arena’s 580,000-square-foot sphered-stadium will feature a mega 170,000-square-foot LED screen, which will wrap fully around the venue’s interior, and have fully programmable exterior LED lighting.

“This is the biggest LED screen in the world,” Vickers exclaimed.

To give it a real-life comparison, the wrapped LED screen is the ginormous size of three football fields or the size of 42 IMAX screens put together.

The sphere will also utilize Beamforming audio technology, allowing guests to hear a variety of sounds from different areas in the stadium. According to Vickers, 20,000 people will be able to hear acoustics from over 100,000 speakers.

“If you sit in one part of the auditorium, you could hear the soundtrack in English, and if you sat in another part of the auditorium, you could hear it in German,” said Vickers.

MGM Sphere Will Create a Ton of New Jobs

Vickers states that once construction on the MGM Sphere is complete, it will create 4400 jobs a year to keep it running smoothly while bringing in an annual economic output of $730 million. The set date of completion for the project is sometime in 2021.

About MGM Sphere

The MGM Sphere is a joint venture between The Madison Square Garden Company and Las Vegas Sands Corporation. It’s being built adjacent to The Venetian Las Vegas and will be the first sphere-shaped venue of its kind. In total, the project’s estimated cost is between $1.2-$1.7 billion.

Once construction is complete, it will sit 366 feet high and 516 feet wide at its widest point, known as the “equator.” It’s planned to reach 875,000 square feet and be able to sit 17,5000 people.

The sphere’s designer, architecture firm Populus, is a global design firm who has completed over projects 3,000 projects, including Wembley Stadium in England. They were named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for 2020.

Are you excited to catch a show at the magical new MGM Sphere once it’s finished? One thing’s for sure, the Las Vegas skyline will get a stunning new addition in 2021!