MGM Resorts International Begins Integration of Powersol

PowersolMGM Resorts International to use new technology that will allow guests to charge mobile devices by using eco-friendly means.

Gamblers who live or are visiting the state of Nevada have a number of choices when it comes to gambling activities. Visit popular casinos to enjoy table games or the slots or go online and play poker via a mobile device. Many casinos also offer online casino gaming via free play or social gaming sites. The options are endless and many visitors to the area are beginning to take part in the mobile gaming opportunities offered in Sin City.

While enjoying mobile gaming, be it real money poker, casino games for rewards or points, players will need to use a fully charged mobile device. Accessing such websites can be draining to the battery of a mobile smartphone which can lead to less game play without power. MGM Resorts International is now offering a new option for visitors to of their properties, of which can be found across the globe including in Las Vegas, that will allow for instant charging of a mobile device.

Powersol Technology

MGM Resorts International has already begun installing Powersol, a new technological advancement that will provide a tech amenity to properties owed by the company. The new option was created with the assistance of ZON and is a solar powered device that will charge mobile devices. The charging technology of Powersol is integrated into commercial grade patio umbrellas which are then installed in the outdoor areas of the venues owned by MGM Resorts.

Guests of the hotel can then charge up their mobile device while dining or taking a break from casino gaming. Take a dip in the pool while your mobile phone charges and then get back online to play your favorite casino games with ease. In the past, visitors would have had to go back to their room or carry around a bulky charger to be able to charge up a device. This new technology eliminates the need to have a charger with you or to go back to the room before you are ready to.

Unique Technology

Powersol is an eco-friendly device as it uses solar power to provide the energy needed to power up mobile devices. The device looks like a thicker umbrella base and has ports where you plug in your mobile device. The battery hub is easy to use and will provide power just as a wall outlet would. The MGM Grand, Bellagio and Aria Resort & Casino have all had such power ports installed and more are set to be installed in MGM Resorts properties in the coming months.

MGM Resorts International Sr. Vice President of Design & Development, Joyen Vakil, stated that Powersol is an incredibly innovative product and the companies properties have enjoyed being able to provide a green charging option for mobile devices to guests. MGM considers themselves a leader in innovation for the world of hospitality and Powersol helps the brand to reach their goal to innovate and provide convenient tech amenities to guests.

ZON Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Cameron Welborn-Wilson, commented as well on the new partnership and development of Powersol by stating that working with MGM on the rollout was exciting. As an up and comer in the solar, mobile charging movement, ZON feels validated to have Powersol being used on properties of MGM to help keep guests devices charged and running.

The unique charging option will be a great addition for those who enjoy online gaming. Chill out by the pool and play casino and poker games online with ease, never losing battery life. These new charges stations are sure to start a trend as other gaming venues will want to offer such charging capabilities.