MGM Resorts Goes Mobile via Nine Properties

MGM ResortsMGM Resorts announces new mobile tournaments for online casino gaming. Nine properties of MGM now provides such gaming for players on the go.

MGM Resorts is a top operator in Las Vegas, Nevada, owning several casino properties in the area. MGM has recognized that mobile users are a prime group in which to target, now offering mobile gaming for smartphone users. MGM Resorts announced just a few days ago that they are offering mobile casino tournaments with smartphone devices, allowing players to enjoy gaming on the go, while at the pool or hotel bar or restaurant.

MGM Resorts is actually the largest operator of casino gaming located on the Las Vegas Strip. The operator announced recently they are now offering a mobile gaming platform which offers online tournament gaming for casino gamers. Players simply use their mobile device and Wi-Fi system of one of nine properties owned by MGM to get started.

MGM Resorts Executive Director of Interactive Gaming Development, Lovell Walker, commented on the mobile offering stating that the mobile platform will lay the foundation for what the brand wants to do in the future. MGM feels that mobile is going to be a big part of gaming. With the launch, MGM Resorts marks the first digital and interactive tournament to be offered by a regulated casino in the US.

Taking Advantage of Mobile Popularity

Mobile usage is at an all-time high. Individuals use mobile devices to check email, play games, visit social media sites or simply go online. Because mobile usage is so prevalent, it only makes sense that operators such as MGM Resorts provides mobile gaming. With this new option, MGM hopes to attract more millennials, a group of individuals who are not as interested in gaming as the older generations.

Millennials always have mobile devices on hand, taking photos, going online, etc. with the new product, MGM Resorts is taking advantage of this attachment and offering gaming options on the go. Individuals who might otherwise not spend a great deal of time at the slots or card tables will log online and take part in tournaments while at the pool or hotel bar.

easyPlay Mobile Tournament Action

The new mobile gaming platform provided by MGM Resorts is titled easyPlay Mobile Tournaments. Players have to be 21 years of age or older to take part. Only nine properties owned by MGM Resorts offer the new platform and this includes:

The company started with beta testing with the mobile application and found that players were interested, taking part in the first tournament ever offered. With the new app, individuals who are visiting the selected properties will compete against other guests in tournament games while they dine, enjoy a drink at the bar or rest in guest rooms. Players have the option to win thousands of dollars as well as prizes when competing in the casino games. The games offered include slots, video poker and bingo, as well as casual games.

Additional Mobile Options

MGM has been busy as of late offering new and exciting online gaming options for patrons. Back in May, the brand began to test playMGM which is a product that will offer sports betting wagering for guests on property. Anyone staying at MGM or visiting would be able to wager on sports games via the application. MGM is hoping the new app will be ready sometime in August.

Mobile online gaming is just beginning in Nevada and is only expected to grow as more operators look to these type products to earn additional revenues.