MGM Resorts International Ready to Hire for Springfield Venue

MGM SpringfieldAs MGM Resorts International prepares for their new Springfield casino, the company is setting their sites on the hiring process.

Across the United States, gaming venues continue to pop up. From satellite casinos to larger than life resort/casinos, there are many new gaming options for visitors to enjoy in states across the nation. MGM Resorts International is a company that offers casino gaming around the world, internationally as well as in the United States. Currently, the company is working on constructing a new casino in Springfield, Massachusetts, titled MGM Springfield. Once completed, this casino will cost $950 million and offer a host of entertainment, aside from casino gaming. The company is now preparing for the hiring process by opening a new career center in the city, ready to begin hiring new employees.

Ready to Operate in Massachusetts

MGM Resorts International is based in Las Vegas and was able to obtain licensing in Massachusetts a few years ago, with the ability to create both a hotel and casino. This process began after voters of the state decided to approve construction of commercial venues. Along with MGM Resorts, another Las Vegas gaming company, Wynn Resorts, is currently constructing a new facility.

The MGM facility is trying to be ready to open by the fall of next year. Construction activity has been ramped up and now that the venue is coming closer to being completed, the company has shifted their focus to the hiring process. It is believed that the venue will be completed by September 2018, so the company will need to hire for a number of positions including dealers, food service, housekeeping, etc. The company was actually planning on opening the property earlier than the September launch date, but delays occurred.

Employment Opportunities

Based on the licensing agreement with MGM Resorts and the gaming regulators of the state, MGM must hire at least 35% of their employees from Springfield. 90% of the employees on the roster must be from the region. The new venue is expected to create at least 3,000 employment positions.

Individuals who are interested in seeking employment can do so by visiting a new career center opened in the downtown area of Springfield. The job center has interview rooms as well as a computerized lab for applications. Job descriptions can be found online so potential employees can see what openings are available and what they might qualify for.

When MGM Springfield opens their doors, they will be the first full-scale commercial casino offered in Massachusetts. The Wynn Boston Harbor property will not open until the summer months the following year, in 2019.

Once the MGM Springfield property is open, it will feature a massive gaming floor consisting of 125,000 square feet. The hotel on-site will have six stories, with plenty of space for overnight guests. Visitors will have access to food and beverage options as well as entertainment, dining and more.

For poker fans, MGM plans on offering more poker tables than what was originally suggested. Table games are making a comeback according to the operator, so they plan on offering more than they first expected. It seems that table games are more accepted by millennial visitors than the traditional slot machines. Millennials do not seem to care for slot gaming and enjoy table games more or the skill-based games that casinos are adding as a way to appeal to this audience. As far as poker is concerned, the venue will be adding 23 poker tables which will be 7 more than originally planned.