MGM Resorts International Preparing for New Responsible Gambling Program


MGM Resorts International is getting ready to launch a new responsible gambling program this October.

When it comes to gambling, we all must have a sense of responsible. Whether its online or at the casino, we all must choose how much we will spend and know when it is time to quit. With online casino gaming, casino operators have certain regulations they must follow in order to protect the consumer. The same goes for land based venues. For the most part, gaming providers have rules in place that help gamblers to enjoy game play responsibly. MGM Resorts International is a provider of online and land based gaming that is preparing to launch a new responsible gambling program this October in the hopes of assisting players to avoid any issues.


GameSenseThe new program will begin in October and next month, MGM Resorts will begin to train their tens of thousands of employees on the new program. GameSense will be installed nationwide to provide a responsible gaming environment. Developed by British Columbia Lottery Corp., the new program was created specifically for MGM.

According to MGM Resorts executives, the program was created to take responsible gaming initiatives to the next level. Touch points will be provided to customers of MGM before compulsive game play becomes a problem. GameSense will be physically located in the 10 properties of MGM in southern Nevada and will also be provided for other states in the future, including Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts and Mississippi.

Massachusetts has actually ordered the operators of gaming in their state to adopt the same program to protect consumers. This includes such brands as Wynn Resorts and Penn National Gaming. The goal is to allow players to have fun but to set reasonable limits during game play.

Employee Intervention

Employees of MGM Resorts International will have to walk a fine line when it comes to providing resources for gamblers without seeming critical of gamers. Employees are not supposed to judge the player on how they play casino games or try to diagnose an issue that might not even exist. Alan Feldman is the Executive Vice President for MGM who stated that it certainly is a difficult task and that the company should be at the forefront when it comes to defining and promoting responsible game play.

According to experts of addiction, around 2.5 million casino gamers suffer from a type of compulsive gambling disorder. 3 million individuals are considered problem gamblers and 15 million are at risk of becoming an addict.

To help, MGM will begin setting up signs acknowledging the new program as well as offering kiosks onsite. Personnel will be on hand to counsel players about addictive issues in regards to gambling. The program is expected to be developed further to include the mLife loyalty program card. Players will then be able to set spending limits as well as time limits for their game play as they use their card. Players will be alerted when such limits are reached.

Another aspect to this program is the fact that MGM will be donating money to the UNLV International Gaming Institute as research is conducted on compulsive gambling. The research will be completed with information derived from the GameSense program. Working with MGM will be the director of research of UNLV’s International Gaming Institute Brett Abarbanel. Bart has researched gaming in the past including eSports, responsible gambling, community relations and other topics.

For now, it will be interesting to see if players actually take part in this new program and how it fares as MGM introduces GameSense to their many properties.