Mega Millions Continues to Make History

Summary: With a jackpot that continues to climb, the Mega Millions continues to grow, waiting on a big winner.

Playing the lottery is something that most everyone in the United States enjoys doing. While not every state offers the lottery, many do, and players will purchase tickets where they live or travel to nearby states to do so, especially when jackpot prizes begin to grow to massive proportions. Currently, the Mega Millions is in the billions range, with players buying tickets in record numbers, the prize only continues to grow.

Million Dollar Winner

Just recently, a player from New Jersey managed to win $1 million by playing on October 19th. The player purchased a lottery ticket at a 7-Eleven in Morris County, with the store reporting that the ticket was able to match five of the six numbers that had been drawn. The winner has yet to come forward and they may honestly not know that they even won the prize.

During the drawing, the numbers that came up were 15, 23, 53, 65 and 70. The 7 was the Mega Ball. The player did not choose the Mega Ball, so they ended up earning the smaller prize instead of the big one. During the recent drawing, there were 15 big winners but only one saw their prize multiplied by choosing the Megaplier option, earning $2 million in the process.

Main Jackpot Keeps Growing and Growing

Online LotteryTonight, a drawing will take place for the Mega Millions yet again and the jackpot is currently the largest in history. The jackpot is estimated at $1.6 billion. If one player earns the big win, they could choose to take the lump sum payout which would equal $904 million. The previous record for the largest Powerball jackpot was $1.586 billion, a jackpot set in 2016.

That prize was split between three players, one from Kentucky, one from Florida and one from California. Each were given $533 million. A single winner tonight would easily eclipse the previous record jackpot.

Today’s lottery environment is much different than that of just a few years ago. Many states have opted to offer online lottery ticket sales, which allows players to purchase tickets whenever they like. The ease of online sales is helping to increase jackpots considerably. When the amount of prize money increases as it has of late, payers come out of the woodwork to be able to buy tickets in the hopes of being the next big winner.

This of course increases the jackpot which only fuels the buying process even further. The jackpot continues to increase until hit, then resets to build again until another winner is named.

Over the past few months, the winner of the jackpot has taken place in New Jersey. Back in March, a man won the Mega Millions to earn $175 million from a total jackpot of $533 million, after paying taxes. Just two months later in May, a player selected the right numbers in New Jersey as well to earn $183 million in cash.

It will be interesting to see if tonight’s drawing will result in a big win or if the prize will continue to grow until the next drawing, and so on. Players are all hoping their numbers are picked tonight so they can be the next big winner, earning almost $1 billion in the process!