Maryland Casinos Continue to see Quality Monthly Revenues

MarylandThe six casinos of Maryland continue to do well each and every month with April revenue reports setting the record for the second highest monthly totals to date.

The state of Maryland now has six casinos in operation thanks to the opening of the MGM National Harbor back in December. There was talk that once the MGM venue was open, other casinos like Maryland Live would see a decrease in revenues. While some casinos have seen a dip in their earnings, the overall monthly totals for the state have soared with the state seeing record totals. For April, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Agency reported that $137.5 million was earned for the month, making this the second highest monthly revenue total on record. The top spot goes to the month of March where the venues were able to earn $141.2 million.

Individual Gaming Venue Breakdown

The month of April saw an improvement of just over 30% for the state when looking at totals from the previous year. While this is an amazing feat, if you take away the earnings by the MGM National Harbor venue, the state actually saw a decline of just over 17%. MGM National Harbor has made an impact and once again took the top spot for the month, bringing in more than $49.9 million for the month. However, this amount was less than the $51.2 million earned in March by the gaming venue.

Coming in at the number two spot for the state was Maryland Live. This casino was able to bring in $45.3 million for April which was a slight decline from last year. Horseshoe Casino Baltimore saw a significant decrease in earnings of 18.7% bringing in only $24.6 million. Falling 8%, the Hollywood Casino Perryville earned just $6.4 million.

On the upside were Rocky Gap and Ocean Downs. Both saw an increase for the month, with Rocky Gap rising just over 10% with $4.6 million in earnings while Ocean Downs brought in $4.8 million with 3.3% gains.

Is Online Gambling in the Future?

With land-based gaming venues doing so well for the state, it begs the question as to if officials of Maryland might consider online gambling in the future. Neighboring states including Pennsylvania and New York are considering such gaming options with New Jersey already offering online casino and poker game play. To stay competitive, Maryland would need to become involved in some capacity in the future.

The state already has successful land-based venues in the state so that is one hurdle that would not have to be crossed. Every state that currently offers online gambling and those showing interest require land based venues to partner with online providers to set up online gaming sites. One could assume that online gambling would be successful as gamblers already enjoy what the state has to offer in-house.

But with no legislation on the table, it seems Maryland is a long way off from getting into the online gambling industry. It will be interesting to watch the state as others move to pass legislation. It seems a big factor will involve the next state that passes legislation. Pennsylvania is the state to watch and appears to be the closest to joining New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada in passing a bill to allow casino and poker game play online.

It seems that once one state jumps the hurdle and signs legislation into law, others will follow. For now, Maryland seems content to raking in the big bucks via land based gaming and shows no real signs of considering online gaming in the future.