McCarran International Airport Parking Fees Increase

Airport Parking Garage, Cars Parked
Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport saw a parking increase go into effect on Monday, Feb. 3.

Long term daily parking, which was previously $16, is now $18 a day. Economy parking, which was previously $10, is up $2 as well, at $12 a day. The increase is in effect for both terminal 1 and 3 garages. In addition to daily garage increases, valet parking rates have also gone up to $30 daily from $23.

Short-term hourly parking rates have also jumped from $2, for a three-hour period, to $3, and $4 for every additional hour added. Short-term parking garage rates have remained the same, however, capping out at $36 per day. The remote parking lot rate will also stay unchanged, at a $15 daily rate, according to Airport spokesman Joe Rajchel.

Impound rates are seeing the biggest increase of the bunch, jumping up to $50 a day from $10 per day in order to get the vehicle back.

Rajchel says that this is the first time the airport’s parking fees have seen an official increase take place since 2013. Since 2013, airport traffic has increased a whopping 20%, with 2019 bringing in a record-breaking number of 51.5 million passengers.

How the Airport Plans to Use the Additional Parking Funds

McCarran Airport plans to use the additional revenue gained from the increased parking rates toward projects that will help maximize the number of parking spaces available. They also plan to create more spaces within the airport that will have a clearer distinction between pedestrians and vehicles.

Future Airport Project Talks

McCarran’s state-of-the-art Terminal 3, completed in 2012, was the airport’s largest expansion effort to date, costing around $2.4 billion. It was also the largest public works project to take place in Nevada’s history. It helped nearly triple the size of airport, in order to keep up with the ever-expanding city of Las Vegas, and the number of visitors who want to get a slice of it every year.

“We feel that we can easily accommodate 60 million passengers going in and out,” said Rosemary Vassiliadis, director of the Clark County Department of Aviation.

It’s clear that leading airport officials are confident in McCarran’s ability to handle the large, annually growing number of passengers, without the immediate need of an additional airport in the region. However, Vassiliadis says that the department will continue to pursue plans for a second major airport.

Ivanpah Valley Airport

The airport would be located on federal land in Ivanpah Valley, which is about 30 miles south of Las Vegas, along Interstate 15 between Jean and Primm.

Last June, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Clark County Department of Aviation all signed a memorandum that would allow an environmental impact study to take place that would study the 6,500-acre proposed Ivanpah Valley airport site.

The new airport isn’t a project that’s being rushed for completion, however, especially with McCarran’s capacity and the success of terminal 3 in effectively handling the increased passenger load. A second airport would be at least 15 years away.