Mask Rules in Las Vegas Casinos are Beginning to Change

Masks Inside Casino

Earlier this week, the CDC released a new set of health guidelines for vaccinated individuals around the country. The national agency now claims that vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks indoors. As a result, mask rules in Las Vegas casinos are quickly changing.

This new statement from the CDC doesn’t mean everyone can throw their masks in the garbage. Individuals are still able to set their own rules on this situation. Now is a great time to talk about how things are changing over in Las Vegas.

Let’s get into it!

Most Las Vegas Casinos Resume Full Capacity

Las Vegas is home to more world-class casinos than any other city in the country. The majority of these venues are located on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s here that casino-resorts such as The Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan, and Caesars Palace are all located.

Most are well-aware of the impact that the pandemic had on these casinos. Back in March of 2020, all of the gambling properties across Nevada were forced to shut down. It took months for any of them to reopen to the public.

Gambling revenue fluctuated greatly throughout 2020. The summer months brought an influx of tourism. As the colder fall and winter months approached, however, tourism declined and revenue began to plummet once again.

2021 is proving to be a significantly more successful year for the gambling industry here. Casinos have been reporting consistent revenue increases with each passing month. Many of the city’s most popular casinos are also choosing to reopen many of their most popular amenities.

The majority of casino-resorts in the city have now resumed full capacity. As the health situation around the country improves, restrictions in Las Vegas are being lifted. That is helping to boost tourism rates more as the months go on.

There is a lot happening in Las Vegas right now. Here’s an update on the mask situation across the city!

Mask Rules in Las Vegas Casinos are Being Removed

Since mid-2020, all of the casinos in Las Vegas have been enforcing a strict set of health regulations. Perhaps the most notable was the requirement to wear masks at all times while indoors. Some felt this rule was keeping gamblers from visiting the city.

Vaccine distribution has been ramping up around the country over the past couple of months. As a result, many states are seeing a major drop in their infection rates. This gives them the ability to remove many of the intense regulations previously set in place.

This certainly applies to Nevada. The monthly infection rate in this state has been gradually decreasing throughout 2020. As time goes on, state officials are easing back on many of the restrictions set in place here since last year.

News is now coming out that the mask rules in Las Vegas casinos are being lifted. After the CDC’s announcement this week, many of the biggest casino-resorts have announced that vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks. It proves how far the country has come in dealing with the global health crisis. MGM Resorts officially announced it will no longer require masks at its LV properties today.

“Dear colleagues, yesterday the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued new public health guidelines stating that those who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus can stop wearing facemasks and maintaining social distancing in most settings… As a result, we will no longer require fully vaccinated guests to wear masks at any of our Las Vegas properties, effective at noon PST today, May 14th,” the statement said. 

Many will be happy to hear about this new ruleset. It should help to significantly boost tourism rates throughout Las Vegas moving forward. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on this situation over the next couple of weeks!

Resorts World Las Vegas Announces More Entertainment Headliners

There has been a huge amount of attention placed on Resorts World Las Vegas over the past few months. As many know, this massive casino-resort has been under construction in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip for months. This property will finally open its doors to the public on June 24.

This will be the most expensive gambling venue ever opened in the city. It cost an astounding $4.2 billion to construct. Analysts expect it to be a one-of-a-kind venue in just about every single way.

More details about Resorts World LV are coming out as the opening date draws closer. This week, the dates for the casino-resorts entertainment headliners were released. Katy Perry and Celine Dion are both set to host a series of shows here.

Celine Dion will begin her set of performances on November 5. This will be the first of ten shows inside Resorts World. The money earned from the opening performance of Dion will go toward Covid-19 relief.

Katy Perry will begin her performances here on December 29. Country star Luke Bryan will then start his series of shows in the casino-resort on February 11. It’s clear that this property wants to establish itself as one of the city’s entertainment hubs.

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