Maryland Live Takes Back Top Spot with February Revenues

Maryland Live

Maryland LiveThe National Harbor has lost the number one position as top revenue producer for Maryland as Maryland Live takes back the position after February earnings are released.

The state of Maryland is becoming a top competitor in the gambling industry of the United States. The state was already seeing record revenue numbers in 2016, surpassing the $100 million earnings mark several times throughout the year. At the end of the year, the state welcomed a new gaming venue in the mix, the MGM Resorts National Harbor. The new gaming venue was quite popular among gamblers and managed to take the crown as the top gaming revenue producer for the state. However, the crown would not stay long with the newcomer as Maryland Live has now reclaimed the top position.

Maryland Live Success

On Monday, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Agency released the figures for earning totals from February. The six casinos in the state were able to produce $128.7 million for the month, another record earning time frame. The monthly total was $2.5 million more than earned the previous month, which was the first full month that the National Harbor casino was in business.

Until the new casino opened, Maryland Live remained at the top of the list when it came to revenue earnings. The venue has hardly been challenged by the new gaming providers to the state such as the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore which opened in 2014. But in January, National Harbor defeated the top casino and earned the number one crown for gaming earnings. However, Maryland Live would take back the spot at number one after earning $46.3 million for February. This is $2.3 million more than the totals from January but less than the amount earned when comparing year on year totals.

National Harbor took the number two spot in totals with $45.8 million in earnings. This amount was actually about $3 million less than what the venue earned for January, their first full month in operation. The table games for the property brought in $22.1 million while the slot games produced $23.7 million in earnings.

The two gaming properties will most likely switch back and forth as the leader in gaming revenues for the state. January was a good month for National Harbor as it was a full month of operation and the new had yet to wear off. Maryland Live is a consistent producer and should be able to retain the number one position due to client loyalty as well as promotions throughout the year.

Other Casino Earnings

The remaining four casinos in the state did well but nothing near the numbers produced by Maryland Live and MGM National Harbor. The Horseshoe Baltimore Casino earned $22 million for the month of February which is an almost 10% increase from the earnings produced in January. However, the amount is down by around 12% when considering year on year. Table games improved by $1 million year on year but slots had a sharp decline of around $3 million.

Hollywood Casino Perryville earned just $6.2 million which is over 4.5% of a loss year on year while Rocky Gap was up 14% with $4.3 million in monthly earnings. Ocean Downs was up as well with a little over $4 million in earnings, an increase of 3.5%.

Now, we shall watch and see in the coming months if the new MGM venue will reign supreme or if Maryland Live will continue to be the top operator in the state. Either way it goes, Maryland is doing quite well when it comes to casino gambling revenues as players continue to frequent the many venues offered in the state.