LVPD Crackdown on Open Businesses Amid Shutdown, 7 Licenses Suspended

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop SignLas Vegas police are staying busy during the Clark County coronavirus shutdown. The shutdown, which called for the closure of all nonessential businesses last Wednesday, was announced by Gov. Sisolak in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Authorities, along with their compliance team, visited at least 113 businesses across the valley over the weekend.

For the non-essential businesses, which include (but are not limited to) entertainment and hospitality, recreation and health facilities, beauty and personal care facilities, retail facilities and shopping malls, that didn’t voluntarily choose to close their doors, they’ve been met with legal enforcement.

A statement from the Las Vegas Metro Police reads:

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Investigation Section teamed up with Clark County Business License agents this weekend and served 36 warning letters, 7 suspensions and 4 citations to non-essential area businesses that were not complying with state orders to shut down.

Nevada Coin Mart Forced to Close Down

Of the open businesses that were met with legal enforcement during the crackdown is Nevada Coin Mart, which is located on Jones and Flamingo.

Nevada Coin Mart buys silver and gold jewelry from the public, which has been a valuable resource for those looking to secure extra cash during this period of financial insecurity and economic downturn.

“They suspended my business license until April 16 as well as they told me I needed to close the doors immediately to the general public,” said Neil Sackmary, Coin Mart’s owner.

“Most people don’t know the difference between a pawn shop and a “secondhand dealer” so they naturally assume that a pawnshop is what we have,” Sackmary added.

“So there is a pawn license and there is a secondhand license and so all that needs to be done and we’re not gonna open until that point, the governor would just say pawn shops and secondhand dealers,” Sackmary further explained.

According to Gov. Sisolak’s order, Pawnshops are explicitly exempt. While pawnbrokers are exempt, Sackmary holds a secondhand dealer license, which isn’t exempt per the order.

Financial Institution by US Federal Regulation Definition

Sackmary’s attorney explained that his business is a financial institution by US Federal regulation definition. Under the governor’s closure order, financial institutions are also exempt.

“The United States Patriot Act, section 312, the Federal Government recognizes my business as a financial institution. The legislation applies to financial institutions defined more broadly and to include businesses that are dealers in precious metals and gems,” Sackmary explained.

Pawn Shops Remain Open

Max Pawn, which is operated by Michael Mack, a longtime friend of Sackmary, is allowed to stay open.

Mack was “shocked” that his pawn business was unaffected and forced to close, while Sackmary’s business license was suspended.

When Sackmary asked for Mack’s opinion on the legal enforcement and the nature of his business, Mack had this to say:

“You are an essential business people come to you every day they need cash.”

According to Sackmary, Nevada Coin Mart is “the best in Las Vegas when it comes to the buying. We buy gold, silver, costume jewelry, coins, paper currency, Rolex watches and diamonds.”

“When times get really tough, that’s what a lot of people have because they are digging into everything they have to sell,” Sackmary added.

Authorities advised that since Sackmary only holds a secondhand dealer license and not a banking license out of Clark County, he was forced to close.

Enforced Closures of Nonessential Businesses

According to a statement given by city spokesperson Jace Radke, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers will enforce closures of valley businesses that are classified as “nonessential,” as discussed in an agreement with the Clary County Commission during a meeting last Friday.

Radke said that outside of these enforced legal closures, the city of Las Vegas will be taking these additional steps to help “ease the burdens on businesses that have been forced to close”:

  • A 60-day grace period for business license renewals with due dates of March 1 or April 1
  • Options to close general or privileged licenses and no cost to reinstate them
  • A liquor license option to pay a reduced fee during the temporary closure
  • A gaming license option to pay a reduced fee during the temporary closure
  • An ongoing acceptance of applications during this time

About Nevada Coin Mart

We are proud to be licensed by Clark County to legally buy jewelry from the general public. Since 1971, Nevada Coin Mart – Jones and Flamingo™, we have transitioned into the modern technology age combined with the highest possible cash offerings and the best customer service. 

Nevada Coin Mart offers the highest level of professional, friendly, and courteous service to make each transaction a pleasurable and lucrative experience for our clients.

We are certified by the GIA and carry an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Taken from Nevada Coin Mart’s official website.