Las Vegas Company Develops Safety Shield for Tables Games, Slot Machines

Table GameWhile Las Vegas is still in shutdown, there’s a possibility they could be reopening within the month, according to Gov. Steve Sisolak’s phased reopening plan.

In Phase Zero of the plan, the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are to be monitored over a 14-day period. So far, the daily total number of cases seems to be dropping. Currently, Nevada has 4,690 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The shutdown was originally set to be lifted April 30, but with that being only one day away, it’s pretty clear that the reopening date will be pushed back.

With casinos reopening, Las Vegas casinos are planning to put in safety measures and protocols to make sure their space is a safe space for team members and staff to return to.

That created the perfect opportunity for Las Vegas-based company Screaming Images. The firm has begun developing a safety shield that properties can utilize for their table games and slot machines.

Other major retailers have begun implementing similar shields, including sneeze guards at checkout counters at grocery and retail stores, and distribution centers like Costco.

About Safety Shields

These clear acrylic shields are being custom-made to fit onto a variety of casino games and will provide the necessary separation between players and dealers, hopefully giving both parties peace of mind.

James Swanson, Screaming Images executive, says these shields will hopefully take care of their existing customers.

The shields are also giving the company a way to stay busy during the shutdown, and forcing them to come up with new and fresh ideas that they can pitch to the casinos. Swanson calls the project a joint effort “between everyone in the city.”

Right now, Downtown’s El Cortez casino is testing out the product on its casino gaming floor.

The product is seemingly effective while being convenient. Swanson says the acrylic shields don’t fog up and involve an easy clean-up.

Depending on where they’re being installed, the process can take a mere 15 minutes, as it doesn’t involve any screws or damage to tables or gaming machines.

Safety Shields Receiving Positive Feedback

Among those casino operators who have had a chance to see the product or have been in talks about it, the feedback has been positive. It’s also a great time to introduce the product, with casino executives developing reopening safety protocols.

Adam Wiesberg, El Cortez general manager, says Swanson is one of the company’s best vendors “by far,’ and gladly welcomed giving the new product a shot on their casino floors.

Wiesberg says Swanson is extremely reliable and responsive and puts his trust in the new technology Wiesberg has developed for this critical period in Las Vegas history.

The shields aren’t exclusive to resort-use only but will be made available to restaurants and other businesses who are trying to safeguard their operations.

Safety Shield Will Be Recyclable

Another winning feature of this newly-developed product is that it will be able to be recycled.

As it’ll be utilized as a temporary safety feature, and not in the plans for long-time use, Swanson said it was vital for them to come up with a way to have the components be recycled once they’re no longer needed.

“The biggest thing for us is it is recyclable. We’re going to have a program put together to make sure it’s not just thrown away in the trash can,” Swanson said.

About Screaming Images

Screaming Images has been in operation for 18 years, with 15 of those years spent in business locally.

Their line of work spans across design, print and installation work.

You might recall some of their major finished products, including the blown-up Golden Knights’ jersey lady liberty wore in front of the New York-New York, or the building wraps on the MGM Grand that get featured before highly-anticipating boxing fights.

The company is in business with various resorts across the valley, and provides work for major Las Vegas events such as EDC, Life is Beautiful, as well as working with the local sports entites: the Golden Vegas Knights, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Aces.