Lucky Bettor Wins $1.8 Million on Vegas Slot Game

Every once in a while, someone gets extremely lucky while gambling in Vegas. This week, one lucky bettor won nearly $2 million playing a Vegas slot game. The win took place at the STRAT Hotel, Casino and Skypad, which was renamed from the Stratosphere Las Vegas earlier this year.Vegas slot game

Nothing is more exciting than winning big in Sin City. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at this lucky player’s win at the STRAT. Later on, we’ll be going over some of the biggest slot wins in Vegas history. Let’s get into it!

Huge Jackpot Winner at the STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas

The Stratosphere has never been the most popular hotel-casino in Las Vegas. It opened back in 1996 and has changed ownership numerous times over the years. A less-than-desirable location and limited renovations have made the Stratosphere one of the lowest earning gaming establishments on the Strip.

In June of 2017, Golden Entertainment purchased American Casino & Entertainment Properties for $850 million. With this purchase came the Las Vegas Stratosphere. Before long, Golden Entertainment announced a number of new renovations to this hotel. They also renamed it the STRAT Hotel, Casino and Skypad.

Things are definitely improving at this gaming venue. A number of new slots and table games have been added in recent months. Incredibly, one lucky player here just won $1.8 million on one of these slots.

Not many details of the winner are known. They are from Washington and won playing the popular Vegas slot game, Buffalo Grand. Now is the perfect time to look at some more of the biggest slot jackpots in Vegas history.

Biggest Slot Wins in Las Vegas Gambling History

Major slot jackpots are extremely uncommon. With that being said, everyone once in a while some individuals win huge playing these popular games. Below are five of the biggest slot wins in Las Vegas.

$39.7 Million – In March of 2013, a 25-year old software engineer won $39.7 million on the Megabucks Slot at the Excalibur Casino. This player wagered $100 and won this incredible jackpot with just 1 in 16.7 million odds.

$34.9 Million – Back in 2000. Cynthia Jay Brennan, a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas won an astounding 34.9 million dollars playing Megabucks at the Desert Inn. Nearly 20 years later, this remains one of the biggest wins of any Vegas Slot Game.

$27.5 Million – What is it with Megabucks slots? In 1998, a retiree wagered $300 on the Megabucks slot game in Palace Station and won more than $27.5 in return. Not a bad investment.

$21.3 Million – Caesars Palace is the location for this huge jackpot. In June of 1999, a man from Illinois deposited $10 into a Vegas Slot Game and won $21.3 million in return. What was the slot? You guessed it, Megabucks.

$12.7 Million – Sometimes, a single random bet can change your life. This happened to one woman back in 2011, who was returning back to her hotel room at the Aria hotel and deposited just $6 into the Megabucks slot game. This small wager earned her a cool $12.7 million.

These massive wins are obviously rare. Still, the fact that these people won so much money gives everyone some hope that they too can win big!

Online Slot Games on the Rise

Today, many bettors are making the move from traditional Vegas slot games to online slots! There are a huge number of amazing online casinos available nowadays, many of which provide hundreds of different slot games every single day. Why exactly is online gambling growing so popular right now?

For one, people love the convenience of playing games from the comfort of home, or in their hotel room. You can skip the trip to a local casino and play these slots from anywhere with an internet connection.

Generally speaking, the jackpots available online aren’t quite as massive as the ones you may find inside a land-based Vegas casino. Even so, online bettors win huge payouts playing internet slot games every single day. Check out a few of the online casino sites available in your state today!

We love hearing stories of these huge wins. Make sure to stay tuned for news on the next major slot jackpot in Las Vegas!