Live Dealer Gaming to Launch at Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Golden Nugget, Atlantic City, New JerseyTop online casino gaming operator of New Jersey, the Golden Nugget, has revealed they will soon be offering live dealer gaming within the state.

Live dealer gaming is one of the most popular forms of online gambling available today. For players who can’t always go to the casino, live dealer options allow for a realistic experience. The games take place in real time and players compete alongside others, with a real outcome just as if the game took place with everyone at the casino. Live dealer options are offered in table games such as blackjack and baccarat, with the Golden Nugget set to launch such games starting this week!

What is Live Dealer Gaming?

Because the Golden Nugget will be the first online casino in the United States to offer live dealer gaming online, players who live in New Jersey may be unfamiliar with the term or how the gaming option actually works. Basically, a studio is set up or a gaming floor used to play the games. Common games include baccarat, blackjack and roulette, all of which will be offered by the Golden Nugget.

These games are played live with real dealers in play. Online participants will play along as the action unfolds. Chat features are offered so players can talk to other participants as well as the dealers of the game. This type of gaming is a realistic experience that gives the feel of being at the casino venue without actually leaving home.

Players make decisions in real time as the action takes place. Decisions are made and the outcome revealed in real time, with players celebrating a win or anguishing over a defeat! At the Golden Nugget, the gaming will be conducted in real time with players participating with others in the state, each competing as the live games take place within the casino.

Studio Set-up

The Golden Nugget has decided to set up a studio in the casino to host the baccarat, blackjack and roulette games. The table games will be located in the studio and be specifically used for online game play. Players will log online to their Golden Nugget accounts and click on the Live Dealer portion to be able to take part in the new addition to the online casino.

The studio will be revealed in the atrium of the casino this Thursday with individuals invited as guests by the casino to see what the new studio will provide. The Golden Nugget New Jersey site does not seem to have the Live Dealer link up just yet but one could assume that this option will be added over the coming days.

As mentioned, the Golden Nugget will be the first to offer such gaming within the United States. Internationally, players have had access to live dealer gaming for some time now and the activity is quite popular. Additional games can be found with live dealer sites such as sic bo or three card poker. The Golden Nugget has announced they plan on offering additional gaming options in the near future. One would assume that such gaming options would be added once the brand determines if there is a demand for Live Dealer options.

Continuing to Dominate

For now, the Golden Nugget continues to dominate as a top provider of online casino gaming options. Based on June reports, the casino earned the most revenues for the month, taking over the lead position from the Borgata Casino. However, when you include online poker, the Borgata is still the number one online operator within the state of New Jersey. The Golden Nugget was able to earn $3.5 million for the month of June, just with online casino profits alone, an amazing feat for the operator.