Leadstar Media Awarded Virginia License

Swedish media company Leadstar Media continues to prepare for its further expansion into the US. Leadstar announced that they have successfully obtained an affiliate license to operate in the state of Virginia. That marks the sixth state that Leadstar will be able to operate as they continue to expand into US markets. The media outlet will look to provide bettors with information regarding the best online casinos in Virginia.

In addition to obtaining vendor registration status in several US states, Leadstar Media has also been building its workforce. A larger team will be necessary when the Swedish company branches out into US markets.

They have also been working to develop new websites to cover sports betting news in the US. So far, Leadstar has launched a total of four new websites related to online sports betting in the US.

To top it off, Leadstar Media is not done with its US expansion. The media company has been open about its plans to continue to acquire vendor licenses in other US states. More states are legalizing sports betting every year. As a result, it should come as no surprise that media companies such as Leadstar Media are looking to take advantage of the growing market.

What is Leadstar Media?

Leadstar Media was founded in Sweden back in 2009. The company aims to enhance bettor experiences by providing information about sports betting sites, bonuses, promotions, and more. Over the last decade-plus, Leadstar has expanded to try and cover all aspects of sports bettors’ needs. Currently, the company operates in a total of 25 markets around the world. Despite its global presence, officials from Leadstar have been vocal about focusing on a US expansion in the coming years.

When the US overturned PASPA in 2018, it quickly became of the biggest potential sports betting markets in the world. Sports are a multi-billion-dollar industry in the US. Since becoming legal back in 2018, the sports betting industry has seen unprecedented success. Currently, there are 35 states that offer legal sports betting in some form. That makes the US an interesting prospect for foreign media companies looking for new markets such as Leadstar Media.

So far, Leadstar has launched four US-focused sports betting news sites. As the market continues to expand, so does the potential for media companies like Leadstar. To date, the Swedish company has focused on obtaining licenses in some of the biggest US sports betting markets, such as New Jersey and Colorado. Once the company establishes a larger base in the States, it will likely move into smaller markets as well.

With 2022 just around the corner, Leadstar can look back on 2021 as a success. The addition of Virginia gives the Swedish news company a strong base on the east coast. Leadstar will be able to continue to build its product in the coming months as the football offseason rapidly approaches. The NBA and NHL seasons could also offer plenty of content for the sports betting news company.

Sports Betting Media Expanding

Leadstar Media is not the only company looking to take advantage of the recent US sports betting boom. Media companies and sportsbooks alike have looked to the US for expansion opportunities. For instance, the British sportsbook bet365 was recently awarded a license to operate in Colorado. As a whole, the US sports betting industry has had a record-breaking year in 2021. US sportsbooks made over $400 million in October alone.

With its growing sports betting industry, the US is a clear choice for many media companies to try to expand to. Sports, and sports betting, are an integral part of American society. Each year, millions of US citizens engage in sports betting. As more people try their hand at sports betting, the need for sports betting media sites continues to grow.

Companies such as Leadstar Media look to fill that need. Virginia offers a prime expansion opportunity for companies like Leadstar. According to the state’s revenue reports, Virginia made almost $31 million in sports betting revenue in September.

Other states, such as Colorado and New Jersey, have also reported monthly sports betting revenue in the tens of millions of dollars. The addition of mobile and online sports betting options has allowed many states to fast track their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many states in the US only allow sports betting at casinos. The variance in sports betting laws from one state to another can be difficult to keep up with. That is just one of several reasons it is important to have a sports betting news site you can trust.


The growth of the US sports betting industry was bound to spark growth in other industries as well. With sportsbooks across the US seeing record-breaking years, it is natural that sports betting news sites have also experienced growth.

The Swedish company Leadstar Media announced this week that they obtained an affiliate license for operations in Virginia. Leadstar now can legally operate in six US states, mainly on the east coast.

The Swedish media company has made name for itself in many sports betting markets across the world. In just over a decade of operations, Leadstar Media has already set up shop in over two dozen locations around the world.

Leadstar Media is not the only foreign company expanding into US markets. The market itself is also expanding as more states legalize sports betting. Even states that already allow sports betting are beginning to make it easier for bettors to engage with the industry by legalizing mobile and online options. Leadstar and other media companies will look to capitalize on the expanding market by providing information about sports betting options to new bettors.