Law Approved in Louisiana Set to Protect Skilled Gamblers

Summary: Individuals who are considered skilled gamblers are set to be protected further based on a recent law approved by lawmakers earlier in the year.

Earlier this year, the lawmakers of Louisiana decided to approve a law with the idea that protections would be established for individuals who are considered skilled gamblers.

This would include individuals who play blackjack and count cards. Known as Act 451, the bill was able to move through Legislature with no opposition.

Act 451

Louisiana CasinosThe new legislation will ensure that a player cannot be excluded from a gaming venue just based on their skill level. At the time, lawmakers felt that the bill would protect individuals from being kicked out of a casino for taking part in activities that are legal under law but not approved by operators of the casino.

Gaming venues across the country have continued to ban players who they feel are taking part in card counting, although the activity is not illegal.

With the new law, now in effect, skilled players will be able to continue to play their games, including blackjack, without being banned. Or so it was thought. It seems that the law is not actively being enforced in the state.

According to reports, it seems that players are still being asked to leave the premises of a casino when taking part in such activity as card counting. According to Doug Cain of the State Police, the Gaming Division of his department has received a few calls regarding the issue.

As the law is written now, it does not require the division to take action against a casino licensee who decides to exclude players from certain games. For now, it seems the issue is one that is being considered a civil matter between the casino and the player.

Player Frustration

The law that was enacted was supposed to help players but it without enforcement, there is no reason for it to be on the books. Players are becoming frustrated at trying to take part in card counting and continually being thrown out of venues.

Take Don Loehr for example. According to, Loehr is kicked out repeatedly or ignored by dealers due to his card counting skills. For years he has had to deal with issues by security and floor bosses due to his skilled gambling.

According to Loehr, even players who are on a hot streak and not card counting have been asked to leave or to switch games. To the professional, it seems the casino is becoming paranoid about the wins and taking action even if the individual is not card counting.

Without any opposition by the gaming industry and the fact that the law was passed should indicate that action should be taken against a gaming venue that decides to kick someone out for what the government has called skilled gaming.

The act was one of several gambling bills addressed by the state government this year and it seemed as if players would be protected further. However, without action taken by a governing body, casinos will continue to be able to push players out if they are suspected of card counting.

For skilled gamblers, they still feel like they are being pestered for how they play their favorite card games. According to Loehr, there was hope with the new law but it seems that nothing has changed and why are laws such as this even being passed.