Latest Las Vegas Tourism Ad Highlights ‘New Reality’ for the City

Bellagio Fountains in Las VegasIn Las Vegas’ brand new tourism advertisement, it’s letting visitors who come to the city once the shutdown is lifted know what they can expect to walk into, and according to the ad, that’s a more intimate, #OnlyYou Vegas experience.

The video’s opening line confirms the era of COVID-19 we’re all currently in. A female narrator begins by saying:

“The world has changed…and Vegas is changing with it.”

But the commercial spot is putting a positive twist on the ‘New Vegas’ guests will experience when they’re able to return. The advertisement, which was created by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, emphasizes that the city is working on creating a more “intimate” Vegas experience, with more space for guests to enjoy.

A “New Vegas” Experience for the “New Reality”

The video highlights solo travelers and different couples experiencing popular Vegas scenes, with a couple dancing in front of the Bellagio with the iconic fountains going off in the background, to more secluded experiences to emphasis the social distancing that’s to come, like walking hand-in-hand on a trail in Red Rock Canyon, or swimming in a rooftop pool at night with no one else around.

A solo tourist can also be seen toward the end of the video taking in the sights and architecture of the Las Vegas Strip, with minimal people passing by in the background.

That’s something that will definitely be a new sight to see, especially when the “old Vegas” was full of hoards of crowds, sometimes making it impossible for people to even get a photo without groups of people walking in front of it or photobombing it, whether intentional or not.

The closing line assures those anxious to get back to the Entertainment Capital of the World that when Vegas is ready to see them again, they’ll be the first to know.

The new 30-second tourism spot will air across multiple cable networks beginning this week.

You can view it in its entirety below:

The Ad Compliments Vegas’ New “Only Vegas” Slogan that Aired Earlier This Year

Earlier this year in January, the infamous, award-winning “What happens here, stays here,” campaign finally got a facelift after 17 long years from when it was first introduced.

R&R Partners, the creative advertising agency behind Sin City’s original catchphrase slogan was behind the reimagined new slogan, “What happens here, only happens here,” too.

The goal behind the reimagined slogan is to showcase Las Vegas as more than just a gambling and entertainment destination, to the city it’s grown to become, one that even holds its own as a new sport’s destination now, too.

The advertising agency spent several years working on the new branding. It wasn’t unveiled in its fully planned advertising capacity during the week it originally planned to air, the week of the 62nd Grammy Awards, although the 60-second commercial spot did air that night.

Grammy night this year, unfortunately, came on the heels of iconic basketball star Kobe Bryant’s tragic death on Jan. 26.

Instead of airing the new #OnlyHere slogan on marquees around the Strip and on various cable networks, instead, Las Vegas properties paid their respects to the NBA legend by displaying heartfelt messages for the Lakers all-star and those involved in the helicopter crash that claimed Bryant’s life, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and nine others.

In the latest “New Vegas” tourism spot, it combined the #OnlyYou intimacy theme with the new #OnlyVegas experience.

Guests Can Still Except Vegas Excitement When it Reopens

The new ad did a great job of conveying how different Las Vegas will look when it comes to reopening in the age of social distancing, but it also made sure to let visitors know that they can still expect “Vegas excitement” to be here when it returns, too.

Fewer crowds and casino safety measures, like guests getting thermal scannings of their internal temperature when entering casino properties, and seeing dealers and other casino staff with masks on, will no doubt take some time getting adjusted to, but it won’t cancel the fun that people come to Las Vegas expecting to get.

Like MGM Resorts acting CEO, Bill Hornbuckle, pointed out, a safe Vegas is still Vegas nonetheless.

Las Vegas hasn’t been the only thing shut down over these past few months. Nationwide, people have been subjected to stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus outbreak, and it’s likely that once the entertainment city reopens, people will want to return to experience fun and excitement again, especially after experiencing fear and lockdown induced from the pandemic.

Of course, it will depend on guests’ confidence in air travel, being around large groups of people, their confidence in Strip casinos safety protocols, and the state of the outbreak during the time Las Vegas reopens, but one thing is for sure: The city is eager and ready to welcome guests back, and it will provide guests with a unique, #OnlyYou intimate Vegas experience that they can only get here.