Las Vegas Super Bowl Betting Revenue is Already Surging

The 2020 Super Bowl is just a few days away. Football fans around the country are currently making their predictions on how the big game will play out. Recently, reports surfaced that indicate Las Vegas Super Bowl betting revenue is growing quickly. Super Bowl LIV Logo

It’s not entirely surprising. Sports betting is more popular than ever before in the United States. Las Vegas remains the sports gambling hub of the country. Now is the perfect time to look at how much money this game is expected to generate.

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Super Bowl LIV Takes Place This Sunday

The 2020 Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated in recent history. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the New England Patriots won’t be taking place. This year’s championship game takes place between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Super Bowl takes place this Sunday and kickoff begins at 3 30 pm. It will be featured on Fox for those with cable television. It’s also possible to stream the game using a variety of services.

No one really knows how this year’s Super Bowl will go down. Both the 49ers and the Chiefs are extremely well-rounded. Many fans believe the 49ers have a more dynamic and experienced roster. Some claim that the offense of the Chiefs is superior to San Francisco’s.

This is expected to be a fantastic game. A huge number of football fans are heading into Las Vegas to watch the game. There are obviously a huge number of fantastic sports bars in this city that are playing the big game.

Las Vegas is also home to many of the best sportsbooks in the country. Just about every major hotel-casino in the city offers sports gambling options. This year, Las Vegas Super Bowl betting revenue is set to break records.

Las Vegas Super Bowl Betting Revenue Is Growing

Everyone knew that this year’s Super Bowl was going to generate serious sports betting revenue. This is likely thanks to PASPA being struck down in 2018. Since that time, more than 20 states have officially passed paws to make sports betting legal.

More than 26 million Americans are expected to wager on this year’s Super Bowl. The American Gaming Association released the figures this week, along with a revenue forecast. The AGA claims more than $6.8 billion will be spent on Super Bowl bets in 2020.

Many of these wagers will be placed in Las Vegas. As we just mentioned, there are a huge number of fantastic sportsbooks in this city. Some of the most popular include the sportsbook at Caesars Palace and the one inside MGM Mirage.

Four million individuals are expected to place their wagers inside of a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Recently, several major sportsbooks in the city have begun offering Super Bowl prop bets. As a result, Las Vegas Super Bowl betting revenue is now surging.

Not everyone can make the trip to Las Vegas to make their bets, though. Today, many individuals still prefer to make their bets online in their home states. Online Super Bowl betting is actually expected to generate even more revenue than land-based betting this year.

Online Super Bowl Betting Options Are Now Available!

A huge number of states now have regulated online sports betting options available. In other states, only unregulated online sportsbooks are available. Fortunately, most of these websites are perfectly safe and offer a huge range of different betting options.

Bovada is one of the best internet sportsbooks in the US right now. It’s available in almost every single state and offers odds for all major sports including football, baseball, and basketball. Bovada is now one of the most popular Super Bowl betting websites due to its huge number of unique wagering options.

The most popular wager is on which team manages to win this year’s championship game. At the moment, the 49ers enter as the slight underdogs with EVEN odds. The Kansas City Chiefs come into the game as the -120 betting favorites.

Some fantastic prop bets are also available through Bovada right now. One of these prop wagers that many are putting money on is which player will win the Super Bowl MVP award. Unsurprisingly, Patrick Mahomes is the favorite to win with odds of +115.

Las Vegas Super Bowl betting revenue is already surging. Many individuals in the country are also placing their wagers through different online sportsbooks. It’s a great time to be a football betting fan.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas betting news over the next few weeks!