Las Vegas Sands Corp Under Investigation

Las Vegas Sands Corp

Las Vegas Sands CorpLas Vegas Sands Corp is under investigation in Nevada due to alleged wagering by players under false names.

All gambling operators know that they must follow rules and regulations in order to stay in business. Any breaking of such rules can result in large fines or perhaps even losing licensing to offer gaming activities. For the most part, casinos in the United States adhere to regulations and stay out of trouble. However, there are times when minors will sneak on to the gaming floor or when banned gamblers are allowed to play that will lead to a fine being owed by the operator. Today, we have learned that the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, a major gaming operator, is now under investigation by the gambling regulators of Nevada for allegations of falsifying records.

Allegations of Name Swapping

The casinos owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corp have been accused of allowing high stakes Chinese gamblers to wager millions of dollars in names that are not their own. Insider sources have come forward to media outlets stating that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has begun to inquire in the matter and the Sands have responded.

According to a report via Reuters, some casinos in Las Vegas allowed gamblers from China to enjoy baccarat while playing via frontmen who would sign the paperwork. The allegations were first made known after prosecutors in Clark County brought on charges in 2015 against two females who were accused of not paying millions of dollars in gambling debt. The casinos in this case were the Palazzo and the Venetian, both owned by the Sands.

Kevin Rosenberg and Jeffrey Setness were attorneys representing the women who stated that the females were actually shills, housekeepers who had been recruited to take out the credit amount in their names while other individuals actually gambled. The women would sit near the players which allowed them to use the chips and not leave a paper trail.

In the past, a spokesman for the Sands stated that the company did not have any evidence that anyone within the company had asked the women to take out the line of credit in other people’s names. However, it does seem that if the women were housekeepers they would not have the potential finances to cover millions in loans, as would a high stakes Chinese gambler.

Defense attorneys decided to raise counter-allegations and this prompted the prosecutors to drop the charges during the preliminary hearing process in Las Vegas. Reportedly, the casinos were using this process to entice gamblers from China to come to Las Vegas to wager in large amounts.

Investigation Continues

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is now actively investigating the allegations against the Las Vegas Sands and if the use of such fronts is in violation of the bookkeeping regulations in the state as well as requirements of broad decency. This is according to an individual who has knowledge of what is taking place within the investigation.

In the past few years, authorities on a federal and state level have looked at such practices conducted by casinos in Las Vegas that allow play by individuals without a paper trail being created. An example of this dates back to 2013 and involves the Sands. The company paid $47 million in a settlement with the United States Department of Justice after it was discovered that an alleged drug trafficker of China and Mexico had lost over $84 million at the Venetian Casino.

The company may now face additional fines or some course of action by gaming regulators if it is found that the casinos owned by the Sands was in violation of regulations set forth by the state.