Las Vegas Raiders Look into Backup Plan for Home Games

Allegiant Stadium Las VegasWith the coronavirus pandemic still causing a lot of uncertainty around the world, especially in the city of Las Vegas, the Raiders are eyeing backup plans in case the outbreak interferes with Allegiant Stadium’s July completion date.

It makes sense that the team would want to cover their bases, especially when there’s really no telling what could happen next. Just two days ago, a second Allegiant Stadium worker tested positive for COVID-19. Construction, however, is carrying on.

According to a report by Forbes, the Las Vegas Raiders are possibly looking into playing some of their games at Sam Boyd Stadium. They’re even thinking about out-of-state road options for places to play, with El Paso or San Antonio, Texas as could-be options.

In fact, an NFL insider said that the team might be playing their first few games of the regular season on the road.

The stadium is set to be complete by July 31.

As of now, there is no indication that construction will be halted due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the construction industry as a whole has been deemed as an essential business during the statewide closures of casinos and nonessential businesses.

Construction Still Carrying On in Clark County and Across the Country

While there have been a few cases of COVID-19 workers recently, namely three Resorts World Las Vegas workers and two Allegiant Stadium workers, the construction industry has been one of the least affected industries.

Many health industry experts say it’s because the construction sector is typically an outside business.

With outside work and contact, airborne particles dissipate much more easily as compared with indoor spaces. That means the virus is less likely to spread among individuals when they’re outdoors.

But, while it’s business as usual for those in the construction industry, preventative policies and procedures have been implemented to fight the further spread of the virus.

Some of those policies include health wellness checks on workers at the start of their shift, social distance guidelines of six feet of space between workers at all times, hand-washing stations in various areas around the job site, and limited meetings with no more than 10 people gathered at once.

About Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium is a domed stadium being constructed for the Las Vegas Raiders, serving as their home stadium, as well as an entertainment venue for musical concerts and other events. It’s the first stadium of its kind in Las Vegas, Nevada. The total cost of the project is close to $2 billion.