Las Vegas Casinos Are Set to Open With Restrictions

Las Vegas Sign at Night

I think we could all use a little good news right about now, so here it is; Las Vegas casinos will be reopening soon!

Vacationers and locals alike are ecstatic to hear that Governor Steve Sisolak set a tentative date for casinos to be reopened. That date is June 4th. Of course, this reopening is dependent on the continued decrease of new COVID-19 cases.

Virginia Valentine, the CEO of Nevada Resort Association, said this in response to the news that casinos will be reopening:

“Our members are excited to show off the enhancements they’ve made that preserve the experience while ensuring the well-being of our employees and visitors.”

Reopen, But Not Back to Normal Yet

When casinos do reopen, things will not go back to business as usual. Each casino is required to submit plans for reopening that include details on how they will properly enforce social distancing and increase their sanitation policies.

Casinos will be required to post signs urging people to wash their hands thoroughly and to stay six feet apart at all times. Groups larger than four will be discouraged. While wearing masks won’t be required for casino guests, many of the larger resorts will hand them out for free for anyone who feels they need extra protection. 

In addition to that, you can expect to see limitations on how many people can appear at each gaming table. Craps is limited to six people, roulette is limited to four, and blackjack is limited to three. Even the slot machines will look scarce as some machines will be shut down to discourage people from sitting too close to one another.

Sanitization procedures are expected to increase during the reopening process as casinos will be required to take the necessary precautions to prevent germs from spreading from person to person. Chips, dice, and shooters will be disinfected after each use on the casino floor. In hotel rooms, the cleaning staff will ensure that all remotes, light switches, and other heavily-touched items get a thorough cleaning.

Other businesses found on the Strip, including nightclubs and buffets, will remain closed until further notice. Concerts and events, such as the legendary Cirque Du Soleil, will also continue to be put on hold during this time.

The Wrap Up

While there’s no telling when or if the casinos on the Strip will ever go back to “normal,” we are encouraged to hear that casinos will start opening their doors again soon. Will the casino experience look and feel different? Yes. Can you still enjoy yourself? Absolutely! Just while being socially distant.

Let us know what you guys think about Vegas reopening in the comment section below!