Las Vegas Casinos Discuss Coronavirus Safety Measures for Reopening

Las Vegas Strip in Black & WhiteWith the projected reopening date of April 30 for Las Vegas casinos, casino executives are getting anxious and discussing new safety measures to implement amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Those potential new measures will take social distancing guidelines into account.

For example, gamblers will be required to have a chair in between them when playing. Other measures include fewer entrances into casinos, and visitors getting their temperatures checked when coming into the casino.

According to sources, those temperature checks will involve noninvasive measures.

The topic of creating facilities close to the casinos that will test employees for COVID-19 is also up for discussion.

Executives haven’t made mention as to when they expect casinos to reopen, as it will depend on Gov. Sisolak’s green light, but they are eagerly looking forward to reopening their doors.

Following in Macau’s Example Post-Closures

Macau was the first place on the globe that shuttered its casino doors due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The city stayed in gaming and tourism lockdown for 15 days. Back when this happened, it was still unimaginable to think that the Las Vegas Strip would inevitably be shut down.

These new measures that are being considered are following in the footsteps of what Macau implemented upon reopening their doors in February. The way Macau’s been handling the coronavirus crisis has been called “calm” and organized.”

Their government ordered 20 million masks once the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in the city on Jan. 22. When casinos reopened officially, it was a ‘soft’ reopening that included a slew of health and safety precautions.

Those precautions included gaming guests passing through screening machines, while staff, such as table game dealers, wore medical masks.

Table games were allowed at half capacity, with a seat in between gamblers, which meant for a total capacity for baccarat, blackjack, pai gow and other table games at four players.

Governor Pours ‘Cold Water’ on Reopening Date

While casino executives and operators are eager to reopen their doors to guests again and get things back to normal, Gov. Sisolak has poured cold water on any promising timelines or developments.

As it stands, the casinos are set to reopen April 30, but that could be ambitious considering the state of the pandemic.

On Tuesday, the Nevada Governor said that the state is nowhere near reopening its doors to guests and gamblers alike.

He assured that the decision to reopen will not be a political one, but one that’s been carefully determined by medical health experts. According to Sisolak, Nevada will take it “slow and steady” and listen to the doctors.

Factors Taken Into Consideration for Vegas Reopening

For Las Vegas to reopen its doors confidently, it will need to take important factors into consideration first. Those factors include rates of infection and deaths, for not only Nevada but the rest of the country.

Stay Tuned

We might be in what’s considered the peak of the pandemic currently, but time will tell how the outbreak will continue to maneuver.

We are anxiously waiting for Las Vegas to reopen much like tourists and gamblers everywhere. In fact, Las Vegas movies have been trending during this quarantine. People are nostalgic for the magic of Vegas to return.

But, of course, the safety of everyone is paramount at this time. Stay tuned for more news regarding coronavirus coverage in Las Vegas, and stay safe until next time!