The Las Vegas Airport is Shutting Down Two Concourses

For weeks, Las Vegas has been essentially shut down due to the spread of Covid-19. All major casinos in the city are closed and tourism in this city is at an all-time low. This week, two different concourses at the Las Vegas airport were officially shut down.Famous Sign In Las Vegas

It’s been a tough time for Las Vegas and the country as a whole. Today, we’re going to discuss when casinos in this city may open up again. We’ll also look at how these new airport changes will affect the city in the long run.

Let’s get into it!

Governor Sisolak Extends Casino Shut Down in Nevada

Las Vegas is one of the most-visited cities in the United States. It draws in millions of people from all around the country every single year. The gambling industry here is one of the biggest in the world, and a huge number of massive casino-resorts are located in the city.

The gambling industry in Las Vegas helps to bring the state a huge amount of revenue. In many ways, the city relies on its casinos. Unfortunately, all gambling venues in Nevada have been officially ordered to shut down by Governor Sisolak.

In fact, all non-essential businesses in the state have been closed. This has already been devastating to the local economy. Many of the biggest casino companies are now losing millions of dollars every single day.

No one knew when these gambling venues would be able to open up again. The mayor of Las Vegas began pleading with the governor to loosen up regulations. Unfortunately, this is not happening anytime soon.

This week, Nevada announced a stay-at-home measure in effect until at least April 30th. Sisolak also activated the National Guard to help with supply delivery and distribution. This is not entirely unexpected, yet it’s disappointing for many of the gambling companies in the city.

Now, the city’s airport is being affected by these new regulations.

Two Concourses Close Inside Las Vegas Airport

Under normal circumstances, the Las Vegas airport is one of the busiest in the country. Due to the coronavirus, this airport is seeing very little travelers every month. As a result, officials at the airport have decided to close down all of the gates in two concourses.

The Department of Aviation has also decided to reduce the airport’s workforce. It’s unprecedented for the city and it’s unclear when things will return to normal.

“As passenger activity has declined, McCarran officials are continually evaluating the airport’s infrastructure and operations to identify ways to maximize efficiencies and implement cost-savings measures,” officials at the airport told the media. 

Concourse D and terminal three of the airport are remaining open. Travelers here will still be able to purchase tickets, check-in their bags and go through TSA security. Any flights previously scheduled to open in concourse E will now be moved to concourse D.

This goes to show how much of an impact the coronavirus is having on the city. Las Vegas has never experienced such a massive dip in tourism and gambling revenue. Hopefully, the city is able to get back on track before too long.

What to Expect Over the Next Month

With the new stay-at-home announcement, all casinos in Las Vegas will remain closed. This is very tough news for many of the major casino companies here, some of which are losing millions of dollars right now. The recently passed stimulus package should help some of these companies during the shutdown, though.

This offers some much-needed relief for these companies. According to revenue reports, some of them would not have been able to survive longer than a few months before going bankrupt. Now, they’re able to tap into a huge source of money from the federal government.

Many of these companies may soon begin relying on Macau for revenue, too. The Chinese territory opened up its casinos weeks ago and is slowly beginning to see more gamblers trickling in. Several major casino companies based in Las Vegas own casino-resorts in Macau.

Hopefully, these venues are able to make up for some of the losses in the United States. If another major Covid-19 breaks out in China, however, this plan will fall apart.

With the Las Vegas airport beginning to shut down, visitation to this city will remain very low. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for the city to get back to normalcy.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation over the next few weeks!