Land-Based Casinos Benefiting from Social Casino Gaming


Land-based casinos across the United States are able to benefit financially with the launch of social casino gaming sites.

Today’s consumers want to be able to interact with retail and service providers. Gone are the days when consumers contact a business via email or telephone. Today, most consumers contact businesses with social media sites such as Facebook for an instant response via status or message. When it comes to casinos in the United States, the land-based gaming venues are beginning to understand how society’s love of technology can be used to their benefit.

Because online gambling is only legalized in three states currently within the US, venues in other states aside from Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada must use other methods to offer such gaming in a legal setting. Social casinos have become quite popular among land-based providers as they can create an additional revenue stream.

Understanding Social Casinos

With the creation of an online social casino, a land-based provider will have the ability to bring their gaming content to the home of consumers. Casinos have the ability to create brand recognition and continue to provide consumers with gaming options once they leave the venue. Being strategic with such online gaming options, casinos will see repeat visitors as well as additional revenues based on what the social casino site provides.

For more land-based venues, the social casinos are connected to the VIP or reward programs of the land based venue. Players have the ability to earn points with online game play which leads to hotel stays and more visits by patrons. Players will have access to similar or exact gaming provided at the land based venue which can entice players to visit more often.

While the sites are offering free play, some create revenue streams by offering players the ability to purchase playing chips or play money. This is the way that casinos can earn extra income from such sites.

Casino4FunCasino4Fun is a social gaming site created by Rush Street Gaming’s SugarHouse Casino of Philadelphia. President of Rush Street Interactive, Richard Schwartz, stated that the company has seen their social casino site increase the visitation of the land-based venues by more than 20%. This data comes after a year and a half of operating the free to play site. Further research suggests that players who have access to social casino gaming will be more likely to visit a gaming venue at least two times a year if not more.

Preparing for Online Real Money Game Play

As casinos create social casino gaming sites, they are essentially preparing themselves for online real money game play. Several states, including Pennsylvania, are looking to pass online casino gaming legislation hopefully this year. When a land-based casino begins offering social casino gaming, it gives them the opportunity to learn more about online operations and prepare a base for real money gaming.

Operators are able to see what consumers like and have a platform in place if and when online gambling legislation were to pass into law. This basically sets up the operator to be ready for real money game play, a big plus for land-based operators.

Overall, social gaming is becoming very popular among gamblers and casino visitors. As free-play social products become more the norm, land-based casino visitors should find that they have more opportunity to enjoy such gaming once visiting venues or simply visiting their favorite casinos websites. As more players begin to take part in social casino gaming, it creates a nice player base that can be used once real money options are available. It will not be surprising to see more land-based casinos begin to launch social casino options online.