Lady Luck Social Casino to operate via GAN Simulated Gaming

Lady Luck Casino

Online social casinos are becoming more popular with US land based gaming operators due to the option to be ready for legalized online gaming. The Isle of Capris Casinos becomes the latest to launch such online gaming options in the states.

Lady Luck CasinoOnline casino gaming is only offered in the United States via New Jersey and Delaware. In each state, land based gaming venues have partnered with online operators to provide casino gaming with such options as slots, blackjack and roulette. These states can provide such gaming due to legislation being in place that legalizes the activity. Other land based casinos in states where legislation does not exist are leaning towards social casino to prepare to enter the industry.

What is Social Casino Gaming?

Social casino gaming is basically an online casino that is played for fun. Such casinos offer the same gaming options as real money sites but do not require a deposit to play. Some sites will offer points which can be redeemed for prizes or merchandise while others simply offer rewards for game play. Land based venues who cannot offer real money are cementing themselves in a nice position by launching a play site as they will already have an established customer base. Many top gaming brands such as GAN are already working with casinos across the US to get started with social casino gaming options.

Isle of Capri Casinos and GAN Partnership

Isle of Capri CasinosIt was recently announced that GAN, a B2B supplier of online gambling solutions, had partnered with the Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. group to launch online gaming via the Lady Cluck social casino solution. This division of the Isle of Capri Casinos was created to specifically offer online gaming options. With the new partnership, the company behind the casinos is now the largest client for GAN based in the United States.

Currently, the Isle of Capri Company has 14 casinos in which they manage in the United States. These properties are home to over 12,000 electronic games and table games are in the 300 range. The company has a customer base of at minimum 1.5 million annually and the partnership with GAN will now allow Lady Luck to begin seeing success in the social casino market.

Simulated Gaming Solution

GAN created the Simulated Gaming solution to provide a social casino gaming experience via several channels. The gaming solution can be accessed via virtual reality, mobile and desktop, allowing patrons to enjoy casino games in a variety of ways. Over 200 slot games are offered with table games included in the mix.

On the 25th of July, the social casino, Lady Luck, was launched with apps to soon follow via Android and Apple systems. It too many months for GAN to be able to create the applications for mobile devices as requirements had to be met as set by the casino operator for their multiple properties. Skill-based mobile gaming is now set to be delivered in the months ahead to further the reach of the Lady Luck brand.

Dermot Smurfit is the CEO of GAN who stated that the company has worked closely with Isle of Capri to bring the Lady Luck brand online. According to Smurfit, the new social casino was built on the bedrock of the real money online gambling platform created by GAN.

Eric Hausler, the CEO Of Isle of Capri Casinos, stated that the rapidly growing social casino market offers the company the chance to bring to life the Lady Luck brand across new channels. This opportunity will help to broaden the demographic appeal of the brand. In the process, the company choose to use the Simulated Gaming solution of GAN due to the B2B focus and the ability to deliver an attractive social casino gaming product.