Konami Gaming Launches New Concerto Slot Game

Concerto Slant Slot Game

Properties across the United States and abroad featuring Konami Gaming now offer the new Concerto Slant video slot game.

Top gaming software companies are constantly making changes to their product offerings to entice players to enjoy their gaming options. Such companies as Konami Gaming have to stay on top of their ‘game’ so to speak to be able to bring in clients to gaming venues. Konami provides quality slot gaming options to casino venues across the United States as well as abroad and recently announced the addition of a new video slot machine format known as Concerto Slant.

New Game, Original Performance

Concerto Slant Slot GameKonami decided to stick with the proven elements of slot gaming with the Concerto Slot video slot game by using their top performing core video slot machine format but at an angle. Concerto is a machine that is quite popular among gamblers provided by Konami that can now be played in slant form. The slant top version was designed to optimize player comfort and uses a 27 inch HD cinematic display. The Concerto provides a number of gaming options via the comprehensive library so players can find what they like and enjoy several options via the video game console.

The content included on Concerto is KP3+ platform that is used on the upright Concerto machine. The slanted version also includes popular KP3 titles such as China Shores, Dragon’s Law and Lotus Land. Soboba Casino is one gaming venue that will feature the new games and Director of Slots for the venue, Joe Whitman, stated that the casino is one of the first to be able to introduce the new Concerto Slant to the world.

Players have already enjoyed what the original Concerto cabinet can provide and have already found that the new version provides the top themes of the original but in slant format. Player comfort and convenience is the main focus. The angle design is quite relaxed and includes easy to reach controls such as the center spin button.

Konami decided to use a new touchscreen button panel titled TouchDash that uses unique technology during game play. The new touchscreen gives players a wonderful gaming experience in a relaxed environment. The company decided to remove the digital topper and provides quality sightlines throughout any venue. The busy slot gaming floor can be seen by customers or the casino can choose to use a topper for merchandising.

The slant actually provides a video gaming quality and allows players to be more comfortable when spending hours at the slot machine. The fact that the new unit offers multiple gaming options is quite convenient as players do not have to move machines to give another game a try. The new technology along with the sleek design is sure to make the new format a big hit among guests as well as casino operators.

Konami Gaming, Inc’s Marketing & Product Management Senior Director, Steve Walther, stated that for years the slant machines have been a staple in the gaming industry and a favorite of players from around the world. With the release of the new Concerto Slant series, Konami was seeking to provide gaming operators with value via flexible configuration options as well as reliable hardware and a strong library of compatible base games and progressives.

Konami feels that the new cabinet provides everything players wish to see from the slant game top to the 27 inch HD screen with vibrant imaging and top performing themes. It will be interesting to see how well the new format is received as casinos around the world add the new cabinets to the gaming floor.