Knee Deep: For Playstation 4

Knee Deep

Knee DeepGenre: Adventure

Rating: T

Developer: Wales Interactive Ltd

The Storyline

Knee Deep is a video game that can be played on the Playstation 4 and on Xbox One. This review is written on the Playstation 4 version of the game. This video game is definitely unique and should capture the interest of many types of players. The game is a narrative-driven one with a lot of different elements that all come together to create a fascinating world all its own. There are even some amusing pop culture references in Knee Deep, such as references to the Kardashians and others.

The story surrounds the death of an actor who has apparently hung himself while on location in Florida. The actors name is Tag Kern and his body is found hanging from a tower in a Florida tourist trap swamp town. This casts an instant light on the town of Cypress Knee, the Florida town where this has taken place. The players screen becomes a stage where they will find themselves in charge of investigating the suicide and its mysterious factors that surround it. There are three distinct characters who will be involved in the investigation and they include the blogger Romana Teague who’s known for having a cheeky personality, jack Bellet who is a local reporter who’s a bit down on his luck at the moment and K.C. Gaddis who is a private investigator who tends to be quite cynical.

Putting this game into any one category can be a bit difficult to do since it has such a creative design and layout to it with a variety of elements and features that are often seen in many different types of video games. The game has a little bit of a Sims video game feel to it, with a touch of the Clue board game likeness and some of the vibe of the Lake Placid movie and even the Twin Peak series. Knee Deep relies heavily on a shady cast of characters and a plot that thickens and gets deeper and deeper, keeping players interested and completely involved for their entire gaming session. Players will encounter plenty of things like cults, government corruption, affairs and other types of drama and negative aspects that help to make their job that much more difficult.

The Graphics

There are so many elements to this game and they are all portrayed in a way that really helps to tell the story. There is a natural darkness to the game that helps to stick with its eerie theme. Each of the characters in the game have their own look and this helps players to keep track of what’s going on while they are trying to figure out the mystery of what exactly happened to Tag Kern.

There are a lot of small details and plenty of credible authenticity to each one of the locations in this game that help add to the realness of its appearance. For example, there is the appropriate type of flooring in each of the establishments, fitting cloud formations that add to the feel of the weather and even shadows on the blades of grass.

The Sound Effects

Just as with the great graphics and special attention to detail in the Knee Deep video game, there are also fantastic sound effects that help to bring it to life. The music has a bit of a jazzy and rock mixture to it which works out well in the game. There is some great voice acting in the game as well and players will be able to clearly understand what’s going on, whereas some of the other video games on the market suffer from garbled sounds that can hinder one’s ability to truly enjoy playing.

The Conclusion

Knee Deep is an exciting video game that grabs a players attention right away with the suicide of an actor. From this point, the game is all about dealing with a large variety of interesting characters, trying to piece together facts and coming to realistic conclusions.

Knee Deep is a great example of the types of games I generally get the most enjoyment out of. I like games where you can get to know the personalities of the different characters and where there is a clearly defined purpose that’s very involved and interesting.